Thank you AudiogoN and users, for civility....

I do not know the reasons, but AudiogoN users are much friendlier and kind in threads and especially in responses.  ebay is quite the opposite with responses that seem to hint of very fragile egos and quite simply mean spirited people.  Does this mean the average audiophile (audiopile) is a George Bush "kinder, gentler" human? 
eBay is all hat and no cattle. 
We’re more the soft bigotry of low expectations.
This place is a model of civility compared with the pinball forum I sometimes post on.  Talk about a$&&@s.   Funny thing is that pinball machines have a resale value that would shock any audio person.  Aside from many machines which go up in value, even brand new machines can be bought, played 6-24 months and only loose around 10-15% of value.  And if they stopped making it, it’s double the price.  How come my TTweights turntable isn’t  worth double, LOL.  
eBay is all hat and no cattle.
We’re more the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Now I have to clean coffee off my keyboard and screen
Glad someone got it. Was beginning to think I'd misunderestimated my audience.
I think it is just because we have all the old guys here. But frankly I love a good fight. Right MC?
George H. W. Bush belonged in jail for Iran-Contra, otherwise I used to see him "striper" fishing (large boat followed by Secret Service smaller boats) when I was surfing in Kennebunk...he seemed nice from a distance...
Uh, it was Reagan, not Bush during Iran-Contra. Memory is the second thing to go. ya go: "As CIA director in the mid-1970s and as Ronald Reagan’s vice president, Bush helped forge a world of strongmen, wars, cartels, and refugees that continues today. In particular, he was deeply involved in the events that became known as the Iran-Contra scandal, a series of illegal operations that began with a secret effort to arm Contra fighters in Nicaragua in the hopes of toppling the leftist Sandinista government; this effort became connected to drug trafficking, trading weapons for hostages with Iran, and banking scandals." Memory indeed...
I don’t recall Bush being involved at all. If he was he didn’t get caught. Poindexter, head of NSC and the dudes from NSC like Ollie North and McFarland got caught. My friend replaced Poindexter. Reagan always claimed he was out of the loop. Plausible deniability.
Bush was also one of the point men in the Bay of Pigs fiasco. He had his irons in a lot of fires, worldwide.

All the best,
Get your history straight can give you that hint of credibility which you sorely need.
The reigning theoretical historian of Audiogon ?

i have low expectations, like not stealing from a cancer charity, especially for a self proclaimed billionaire...
Bush was a glad hander, Mr. Smiley 😃 . Everyone with any sense avoided him like the plague. I had a man on the inside, old surfer dude. 🏄🏻‍♂️
Derangement reigns!    Keep your expectations low, regarding friendly/civil exchanges, and you won't be as disappointed.
Odd that a thread with an initial post thanking users for civility has taken a turn towards the "dark side".  I can almost hear Vader breathing. 

I’ll bet my cookies are better than your cookies. *lol*

With that said, let’s debate something really important:

I love maple syrup on my waffles and pancakes. I’ve found that Grade-B maple syrup is more dense in character and richer in flavor. As an added bonus, Grade B is less expensive than Grade A too. For those advocates of Grade A maple syrup, before you call me a shill for Grade B, you’ve gotta try Grade B before you have any credibility on the subject. So ... Trader Joe’s sells both the A and the B.

Blind testing, anyone??


The problem with blind testing maple syrup is, well, um, it gets pretty messy .
Maple syrup from Vermont is well known.  If you ever have the chance to get ahold of some, Maple syrup from Door County, Wisconsin can be had online...and is good for a Sunday morning Johnnny Cakes with real butter and Door Co. vs. Vermont Maple Syrup.  Actually there is no looser.........except perhaps your waistline. 
Hmmmmmmm, I'll have to check stock where I work to see if there is any grade B syrup. 

What was the question again?