Surge protector

This morning we had a power surge.  First one I ever experienced.  It knocked out the sub woofer components of my GoldenEar Triton one speakers. In my ignorance I had them plugged into the wall rather than a surge protector. Soooo it blew the amplifiers in the sub woofers. It’s going to be a costly proposition: $500 for the amplifiers plus God knows how much the dealer is going to charge for coming to my house. (He’s very reluctant to do it, wants me to lug the 80 lbs speakers to the store.   
Meanwhile, I’m having to listen to bass-less  speakers for the foreseeable future.
So, the moral of the story is plug everything into a surge protector.


OP, 👍


I’m old enough as well to just not worry about a lot of stuff. Yes, a once in fifty years kind of thing is worth not worrying about.

I remember putting UV filters on my Nikon lens to protect them. What a waste. I stopped that twenty years ago and have never damaged a lens… but got the best the lenses have to offer. I don’t lock my car… I live in a very safe area… and there is nothing inside to steel. Etc. I just don’t sweat that stuff any more.

If you have two spare slots in your main panel, I'd recommend you consider having an electrician install a whole house surge protector.  If you don't have two spares, they still can work around that, it's a bit more expensive.