Something Fishy with Brian Hoyer

Hey everyone, I see other reviews about this person but I was ghosted by Brian Hoyer. I have confirmation that the money was received by him. It's been months. I am working with the local authorities for next steps.  Please beware. 




Several have brought this up and now that others are figuring out they weren’t the only ones scammed the post keep coming and others on some FB pages.

Unfortunately I don’t think this is going to turn out good for a lot of people but hopefully it stops and they (his wife is on it) get punished. I think I read that they even scammed someone who consider him a friend. 

OP hadn't you seen all the negative comments about him on these pages? Its been well documented.

I knew he was bad news when he played for my beloved/despised Cleveland Browns.

It looks like the OP joined on 10/17/2023. Sorry about your bad luck. BTW I always liked Brian Hoyer when he was playing for the Browns. At least we didn’t pay $230 guaranteed money for a QB who hasn’t played that many games. He has paid lawsuits involving massage therapists? I guess that's something.

OK color me ignorant...What's up with Brian Hoyer?  Scamming people through A'gon concerning equipment purchases?




@jacobsdad2000 Brian Hoyer was a backup QB for The NE Patriots, I didn't know he was ripping people off on hi end audio gear. 🤔

@2psyop To be fair, I'd take Hoyer, Couch, McCoy, RG3 and of course Kosar over the current clown.

@zappas and coaches. I live with someone who constantly reminds me that "her team" has had only three coaches since the 1800's... 😂

@doyle3433 Why would you take QB Brian Hoyer         bandit, bandits, cowboy, cowboys, wild west                   (infamous scam artist on audiogon) over QB Deshaun Watson? 

@grh1958 he is with the Raiders now. 


Axel Edward Brian Hoyer is an American football quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders of the National Football League. Since joining the NFL in 2009 as an undrafted free agent, he has started for seven different teams, the second-most in league history. Wikipedia

Born: 1985 (age 38 years), Lakewood, OH

Current team: Las Vegas Raiders (#7 / Quarterback)

@jacobsdad2000 I know that he is a raider just like I know Deshaun Watson is with the browns. I was trying to join in what I perceived as a joke about a guy ripping off people at audiogon who has the same name as a pro QB in the NFL. Having to expain that kind of takes the humor away. As a pats fan I remember Brian Hoyer as a back up QB for Tom Brady and he never really got much playing time When the Pat's offensive Coach went to the Raiders as head coach he aquired Hoyer. My advise to everyone is don't buy any audio gear from anyone named Brian Hoyer. Happy Tweaking Everyone

@grh1958 that’s okay I was just having fun sorry. You could live where I do and every one is a Broncos fan but me, I am a Bears fan (jeez). 

😂😂😂 I sort of feel bad that we’ve taken a detour from the OPs original. I’ll just say this. I had to do hard math the other night. Based on Watson’s contract, divided  by the handful of games he’s actually played, he’s made $32mil per game. I know it’s crude, and doesn’t tell the full story but it still does blow my mind a bit.

If there are things that Brian Hoyer has done as a buyer or seller on A-Gon, then let's please keep it to that.  Most A-Gon members are fine, upright people and fair warning to others is much appreciated.  As for much of this conversation, I believe it belongs on a football blog...  

You guys don't have the right Brian Hoyer. This person is NOT the football player.

Hey Dodger99 - You're now the 5th Audiogoner we know of.  Same MO.  Take the money and run/ghost. 

Please see the other thread in this forum at:

Or else just search on Hoyer. 

We all reported him to our local PDs, FCC, FBI, BBB, and Linn.  The most effective/responsive seems to be the KC DA, Chris Kobach.  Search his website and report a consumer crime.  Someone got back to me pretty quickly and I suspect if there's more, they might move on him.  He's not hard to find - he steals in plain sight and it's just nobody does anything about it.

Please file with KCDA and KCPD if you can!

He also just lost a 5th case in Kansas Johnson Court system and there was another that seems to have dropped.  So now at least 6 victims we know of....

I personally would also drop a line to local news stations, investigative news reporters can drag this fellow and allegedly his spouse out of the shadows and into the light where they belong...

Aiden O’Connell is the future for The Raiders. Hope Hoyer resurfaces and you recover your funds.  Best of luck!

@jeffrey75 100%.  We've contacted a couple of the local TV stations in KC but no motion so far.  Same for local Police Departments. 

Everyone here on Audiogon should become aware of how difficult it is to actually get justice even if the person is real and all their contact information (phone, address, etc) are known.  

  • KCPD won't pursue the case because I'm (we’re) not a KS resident (s) - they said to file locally and our PD(s) could refer the case to them.
  • My Arlington, VA PD is overwhelmed and undermanned and said they wouldn't pursue it.
  • KCDA (Chris Kobach) - Says that since I paid from my personal business (an LLC) that I'm not protected under the consumer protection laws.  I disagree as I'm a sole proprietor LLC, it is a pass through entity so all income counts as personal and I receive a K1 for my taxes, my business has nothing to do with Audio, that payment will be journaled to me personally as a cash distribution, and the item I tried to purchase is a piece of high end audio for personal use in my family home.
  • FTC does not prosecute these things but refers them to FBI
  • FBI - Only pursues big fish in excess of 7 figures
  • Linn Audio disavows any responsibility

I've been doing this hobby for 20 years and thought I was pretty saavy.  This has been a tragic wake up call.