Shipping woes and a partial solution

Anyone that buys and sells gear faces the issue of gear ending up with the buyer in a damaged condition, which might not be apparent with damage to the box in which it is shipped.  Good luck getting the shipper to take responsibility for the damage.

I came upon this website which sells stickers that give a clear indication of whether a package has been subjected to more severe g-forces than its set limit.  If I received gear in a box with a set-off g-force indicator, I would point it out to the delivery agent or the shipping outlet where I picked up the gear.  The stickers are inexpensive and might possible bolster your case if your gear arrives damaged.  I am sure that shippers would hate like hell to see these stickers which would make clear that they abused your gear during shipment.





As long as it works, I'm for it, but the era of customer being right and the era of a good customer service is deeply shoved in the past. Now everyone trying to make you, the customer guilty and deny any liability. Corporation has BIG muscle and you have small. Lawyer will be on corporation side and on your side will be pretty-much nothing, because to hire a lawyer you'll need at least 100 times the stake of your shipping damage -- so you will lose no matter what you use.

Right, that logic is why I have a spare room full of gear.  I do imagine it gone.

Better yet, just don't ship things. it is safer imagining they are being shipped.


A nod to your comments above, yet I take as hyperbole the notion that a properly boxed piece of gear should be able to survive a fall out of an airplane.  That would be infeasible.  These g-force stickers, if triggered, dispenses with the inevitable assertion by a shipper than they didn't mishandle the gear during shipping.  How compelling the evidence would be is hard to say, but for $1.50, why not employ it?  

Pack well to ensure your package can be dropped from an airplane flying by without a parashot.

Partial solution might not work, because shipping company does not give a clap about you anymore.