Roon and qobuz update problem?

Sat down last night, started roon and started streaming the song that was cued from the last time I listened.  Saw that Roon had a popup showing an update was available.  Chicked "update all".  

Roon stopped and when it updated I wasn't logged into Qobuz and can't log in through Roon.

I can log into Qobuz on my computer and play songs fine.  Looks like a Roon problem.  Anybody else having this problem?




It happens some times. Just reboot the device you're running Roon on and this usually solves the problem. 

Yuck Roon, dumped it years ago even though I have a lifetime subscription. 100% Innuos with the Zenith MKIII and the Sense application and updates are never an issue. Will be interesting to see if the new ownership at Roon makes things better or worse. Innuos support has been excellent and most of the issues I have had were self inflicted. 
Hope you get it figured out Jerry. 

Reboot the roon core and terminate and restart the remote app. Should be ok. 

I performed the update this morning and had no issues whatsoever with Roon or Qobuz.  A re-boot should fix you up.

Thanks to all who reported they installed the update.  I restarted roon, rebooted core, changed and installed new Qobuz password.  Verified Qobuz works outside of roon.  I went to Roon support and found no issues.

I have a fairly narrowly used streamer, Grimm MU1.  It might be a specific problem with my piece of equipment.

I'm at work.  will try again tonight.


Jerry I had this issue few times throughout the years. Roon core on Mac mini. And I know a few guys with Nucleus who faced the same issue. It’s infrequent but happens. Easily solved by a reboot. 

Got the update notice on iPhone and selected update all. No problem at all with Qobuz connectivity for me. 

Just to restate, I have rebooted my computer, rebooted my phone, rebooted my roon core, and confirmed my login credentials.  I control roon with both my phone and my computer.  Neither can log in to qobuz  now.  Roon looks to be working fine but has no access to any files.


Is your core on apple computer and the drive is external? It might take a bit to mount the drive for the roon to start seeing local files. I have this issue all the time. But the problem logging into Qobuz is usually resolved for me after the reboot.

Been using Squeeze for a while, but decided to check Roon to give another piece of data- sure enough there is a download and quickly it popped up the notice to upload new version -updated to build 1382 and updated new iphone roon remote from app store to build 1378 at the same time- no issues- Qobuz still logged in and playing fine. 

Fixed.  Core is on the Grimm MU1.  I went into the Windows start menu and ran Roon as an administrator which allowed me to reinstall it.  After reinstalling it I had to reinstall the updates.  Reinstalling updates fixed the problem.

Since others installed last night's update with no problem, I'd say that for some reason my update didn't install properly.  I had to work 11 hours today to support a public meeting so I didn't spend much time worrying about it.  Nice to have it back.  
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thanks all,