Quobuz issues on the Bluos app

I just finished a comparison between Tidal, Amazon HD, and Quobuz. Quobuz came out the winner, but not without some reservations.

I find that the SQ of Quobuz is slightly better than the other two, both in standard cd quality files and hi-rez. And I like the price of Quobuz when compared to Tidal. Price was a wash with Amazon HD.

But here is what I don’t like about Quobuz. Their catalog clearly lags behind Amazon and Tidal. I know they are working to make this better, but there are some obscure titles that I can find in Tidal that I’m not sure Quobuz will ever have. And no, I’m not going to pay for two streaming services. The other thing is that in the Bluos app, you cannot index your music by artist, album or alphabetically. The order of your library is the order that you save them as your favorites. Unless I am missing something, you cannot alphabetize in any fashion at all. I have contacted Bluos support and Quobuz support, but all I get is a lot of finger pointing at each other.

My question is twofold. Has anyone figured out a way to index their library that I might have overlooked. Secondly, I assume that if I go with a different streamer like Lumin, Auralic, etc., that this issue won’t exist?


I did a 30 day trial of each and chose Tidal SOLELY because it had the music I wanted and Qobuz did not.

nothing else mattered to me....sorry.

i use Bluesound and found the integration of each to be identical.
On the Bluos app in Tidal, the drop down box in the upper right that allows you to index alphabetically does not appear when I am in Quobuz. Everything else looks identical. Are you sure that's there in Quobuz on yours?
I don’t see a drop down box to alphabetize on the BluOS for either Qobuz or accessing files from my NAS.
You can make playlists...
Well, I’ve looked for the tab that you describe on on both my iPad and my Android Phone BluOS App and don’t see it.  
I wish I could take a screen shot and show it to you, but alas, this is audiogon............
My Aurender Conductor App using Qobuz also does NOT sort my favorite albums by artist name. Unfortunately, the issue is that Qobuz needs to build a SORT API so Aurender (and others) can build the required coding for album sorting options.   Other devices probably have the same issue.   I was told that ROON allows you to sort Qobuz albums but I am not using ROON.

I have emailed Qobuz several times and have been told they are working on a SORT API.  If possible, I suggest you also email them.   On Saturday, I asked Qobuz, again, about their SORT API for my Aurender N10 music server. 

Qobuz Customer Support reports "I do NOT have more of an update for you other than our team is working on it with Aurender.  We hope to have it rolled out to the public soon".

Unfortunately, I have no additional information on when the Qobuz Sort API will be available or what the word 'soon' means.    

I have emailed Quobuz and pretty much got the same response. And Bluesound says they are pusing an API to Quobuz, but won't say when.

He says, she says..........


The lack of a sorting function is a royal PITA. Qobuz has been around long enough to address this issue. I've gotten the same response as others, "we're working on it."

Another problem with the interface on Android is there isn't a Search function available on all screens. I have to backspace to find a screen with Search.


I agree that it's a PITA. But the difference in SQ alone was enough for me to leave Tidal. I just hope they can resolve these issues and make it a better product.
My Auralic LDS app sorts my favorites in alphabetical order by album name, not sure if that’s what you mean Ozzy? Also I stream both Tidal and Qobuz and my favorites from both are integrated in the same view and all of my favorites are whole albums not tracks or playlists.
@ozzy62 , I chose Qobuz over Tidal and Deezer because it's library is rich in classical and  the excellent SQ. The aforementioned issues are with BluOs on Android running Qobuz.

Ozzy, what device are you using?

If anyone is into Third Man Records, if you subscribe to their Vault subscription series (4x per year) you can get Tidal Hi Rez for a mere $5/month.
Qobuz also doesn't list top songs by artist in BluOS which is a deal breaker for me.  You have to search the song specifically or know which album it's on.  

I'm not convinced that SQ is really that different when we're clearly biased towards the one we think should be better in our minds.
I love the interface between the Bluesound OS system and Tidal.  I also like MQA dispite what others in this group think.
I emailed Qobuz today, AGAIN, and asked if they have any updated NEWS from their Developers regarding the release of the Qobuz sort API.   The Qobuz sort API is taking a  long time to be developed AND I am still waiting.  For example:

1) Their November 6th, 2019 email says "I'm walking this question over to the API team now. I'll be back in touch when I have heard more information about this".  

2) Their August 15th, 2019 email says "Our API is completely revamping the whole system in order to provide first in class metadata to our third party partners. I don't have a time line for you outside of early Fall 2019. I wish I could provide you with more information about it”.

3)  Their July 12th, 2019 email says "I hope we can get this rolled out for you and all of our users in the very near future”.

Once Qobuz completes the Qobuz SORT API, the Aurender Developers have to implement it for my Aurender N10 Music Server.   Qobuz sort options by Artist name is a HIGH priority feature and needs to be implemented.   I find my albums by artist name so sort options are required.  
I received the following response from Qobuz Customer Support regarding my above Sort API question:

"I appreciate you bringing this back to my attention. Unfortunately I do NOT have any updates for you regarding the SORT API as of right now".