NAD M10 V2 BluOS Streaming Amplifier

Purchased this about a week ago for my office.  It replaced a Naim Muso.

This is an excellent product.  The primary purpose is to provide me with music, essentially Roon, in my office.  The unit is literally plug and play.  I hooked up the unit and connected the ethernet cable and within minutes was listening to music from Roon, as the unit is Roon Ready.  All you need is a pair of speakers and away you go.

Some of the highlights are: small compact footprint, simple, easy to use BluOS, remote + touch screen, sound, and filled with great features.

The only negative would be that the low end could use an extra boost, but it does have tone controls which are a help.

I had an old entry level Rotel amp laying around that I hooked up and that gave a significant boost as well as a REL sub.

Those two additions have boosted the performance significantly.  I only listen at low volumes as background music so my additions were totally unnecessary.

My speakers are Atohm bookshelf (from the French manufacturer Atool).

Hopefully, this helps anyone looking for a nice small main system or an office system and thee MSRP is $2999.

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