Pros posing as hobbyists?

I have frequently noted that a seller will often use a normal reason for selling. The typical ones are Downsizing, New baby, Project never materialized.
I check to see what else they have for sale and it can be a very long list. It looks like a semi pro's used components inventory for sale.
It is no crime to sell here as a hobby just making a business on the side as it were. Why give us the silly string of excuses. I like people being very upfront it gives me a sense that the seller has integrity.
A new category without added fees perhaps would make it easy for everyone. What do you think?
If the price is right and the condition of the product is as advertised, from the point of view of the purchaser it shouldn't matter whether it's a hobbyist or a business getting rid of stock. It would bother me if a person was dishonest in some respect though. It makes you wonder what else the person says that isn't truthful. On the other hand, I also think that it's possible that some manufacturers don't want their dealers to be selling discounted goods, or on the internet, so they are discreet when they want to move old stock. Ultimately, it's to our benefit.
it would seem that most selling occurs because the seller is disenchanted with a product. if you "assume" that to be the case, while it isn't always the case, it won't matter whether a dealer or non-dealer is selling.

unfortunately telling someone that the reason for a sale is a dislike of a component will deter sales. i don't sell what i like.
many threads are 'staged' to 'tout' new models and brands, and the excitement genrally lasts as ling as the thread is alive..
MrTennis stated "i don't sell what i like". Wish I could say the same!

In the chase for perfection I have sold many a wonderful piece of kit in blind pursuit of perfection. I adored many of the pieces I've parted with- Pass X-250, Cary Rocket 88R, Modwright Preamp, Pass Preamp- hell the list is too long to name 'em all.

Surely for every guy like Mr. tennis there's at least one of me- otherwise there would be far fewer "for sale" ads on this site!
I feel the same as Danlib1. Because of space and financial constraints, I have sold a number of pieces that I would have rather kept. If you are on a limited audio budget, you need to sell to finance what you want to try next. The problem of course is that the next thing is often a gamble that isn't necessarily an improvement. I have to say though that I find it annoying when you place an ad and receive an email that simply says "Why are you selling?" Assuming that the seller has good feedback and the piece is in good condition, why do you really care? If you have done your research, and the piece seems to be the right fit for you, then you shouldn't worry about why the previous owner is getting rid of it. Even if he is selling because he dislikes the way that it sounds, it is still a matter of personal taste, and you may love it.
I agree with Markphd, I bought a CD player 2 years ago from a dealer, supposedly used on the Gon. In fact it was new and he just wanted to shift stock, at cost. He asked me, under no circumstances, to let on about it. This is all to our advantage, unless you argue it is undermining second hand prices
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Let's face it, we all being 'audiophiles', are 'pros'. As long as the goods are accurately and truthfully described, no reason for their sale is necessary or should be given. Best to say 'they need to be sold' and leave it at that.
Dealers have overhead that private sellers do not bear. Like the Car Guys say, your mechanic has many boat payments to make. I'll happily support a competent dealer if the deal is right.

I want to know where the seller is coming from and bear no shame in asking. I especially want to know what gear it was used with, for system purposes.
All that say buying is a matter of price and condition etc. are correct. In fact I think we all would appreciate knowing something about the sellers character.
The why sell? for any pro- is "because I deal in used gear as a part time business. I ask you why not just tell it like it is.
People always think that you have knowledge you don't. When you you say I want try another piece. They think you know more than many positive reviewers and don't believe that opinion is truth.
Thus, "The amp I am selling is a good one at low price only because I am courious I have graded it carefully and taken photos ... you may love it." and the simple YMMV reason.
This is translated into this guy knows good shit and bad and he doesen't want it because it is not in the good stuff group. My tastes are like everyone selling..
I admit YMMV is not accepted as easily as it should be. It is sad many people never understand that preferences vary.
The other reasons a hobbyist typically seem to ring true The churners who are quite convinced there could a great improvment with each sell and buy. The churner has about 50/50 buy and sell history. The semi pro about 75-90% sell.
It you sell because buy well and make a few bucks, hey this the Country that fought for you to be free to do that It is more than OK. If you give that as a true reason, in essence I am a home dealer, I am good with it.
You are a known semi- pro, there is no excuse requirement. Just like a declared dealer, do you ask a dealer why he is selling, Of course not.
It just seems so nuch more honest.
IMO, Sellers feedback from buyers is the measurement of their integrity and not the reasons they are selling.