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Help Tannoy XT6F with Primaluna
I have heard the same thing about the XT8f's. Seems the drivers are not tube friendly. Are you using the bi wire connection, or the bridged connection? 
Sony service Gibson TV, Roseville MI. XA5400ES
You know the phrase, 'They will be back', could be true. Also, there is a rumor that they plan to introduce a turntable in Japan. Hey, you never know. 
I am sick of Adele
As someone has already commented, 'just part of a machine that is the music business'. Enough said. 
Looking for a USB Headphone amplifier
Your lucky day. Go to monoprice, search tube amplifier and there you will find, for $150, a small tube amplifier with a headphone jack. I've purchased one. Find out what value is all about. Be sure to share, and write the first review. Yes, the go... 
Hi-Fi can be less expensive than anything
I am glad you did not use the word 'investment' in your analysis, some audiophiles do. The only investment it is in relates to person's joy and happiness. Hey, its only 'stuff'. 
TT inquiry
Your lucky day. Try the U-Turn Orbit Plus, available directly from UTurnAudio.com At $309 you can't go wrong, especially since you can send it back. Its affordable and focused on quality sound. Why spend more? 
Interesting project started by Michael Fremer
Assuming an initial pressing of 500, the break even point will be enough to recover $180,000 of cost. Of course, $50,000 will go to Michael for his time and effort. Count me in when the fund is at $175,000. 
Red Book/SACD Advise Wanted
First, before you spend a ton of money, try a sony 595. I know, it goes for about $99 in the used market. Let your ears be the judge. A few years back I purchased two of these from Sony as refurb's. I was looking for a back up to my Sony 777ES. Th... 
Funniest Quote About Your Audio "Affliction"
A wife, in the 'cave'. You need professional help. 
Cleaning flood damaged vinyls
Some thoughts. I doubt the insurance company will pay $6,000 for cleaning, but try. Try to get them to also pay for the shipping, both ways. Ultrasonic is best way to go. Still leaves you with the problem of how to recover the reattach the labels.... 
price in the USA for ARC
Imports to the US do not pay VAT. I source my offshore product via Scotland and never need to pay VAT. 
Tascam DA-3000
Why would want to do a transfer? 1500 albums equals at least that many hours of your time, could be more if you take the time to review the transfer. Is that a productive use of your time? When comforted with that same task, but over 10,000 albums... 
Re-capping A 15 Year Old Solid State Amp
Having the original service manual and the spec on the parts would be the only way this would work. Otherwise, you are at risk for a bad outcome. 
Tone of Muisc, SF - worst hifi experience. Yours?
Quality service is always about meeting customer expectations. Of course those expectations must be reasonable. In the story outlined, those customer expectations were certainly reasonable. I am sure Tim will be rethinking the service provided. Fo... 
Suggested PC laptop models for computer audio
Amazing that you have not been fired from your job, given the your lack of awareness of the cyber security issues you have created with your WD external hard drive running iTunes and JRiver Media Center 21. Did you check with your IT department be...