Parasound JC3+, or Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista Vinyl phonostage, or Whest Audio PS.40RDT SE

For 3k to 5k price which of these phono stages wood you buy, or do you have something better in this price range.
Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista Vinyl as per there website has lower noise and cleaner output. In addition I trust MF more.
I am a huge fan of the MF.  Nice product and if you need fully balanced circuitry, not sure you can do better.  The only unit I like better is the Art Audio Vinyl One but it is not fully balanced.  My system is single ended so the MF is not the best fit for me.  

I have had the Art Audio paired with a Cadenza Blue and Lyra Kleos.  Gorgeous soundstage.  

If your system is fully balanced, the MF will be best.  
It will be very hard to find anything better than the JC3+ in that price range, but your ears will tell you what you like.  

Wait, is NuVista back in production?? I thought they ran out years and years ago of those little mini tubes??? If not, that's awesome. :)
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Looks like their clearing out the Nu Vista. 

I've the heard the amp and phonostage. Nice Stuff. I would get one for that price. I would even try to get MD to knock a few more points off. Shoot for $2500. 

The Nu Vista to my ears had a SS "precise"with a little tubey organic sound to it.

Very pleasant. Of course speaker/room dependent and all the other stuff.

Its discontinued, so be aware warranty means you will proabably have to ship it back to MF or their approved repair facility, likely not in the US=long down time.

I would check out the Luxman E-250. Has a internal SUT, mono switch and a cart demagnetizer. $2250. 
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w1000i-post was made in reference to MD being a dealer. I was being assumptive here, I could be wrong.

@twoleftears Yes.  ProJect did buy Musical Fidelity.  The line as it stands reflects what it looked like prior to purchase with the exception of the reintroduction of the M6 Pre and M6 PRX Power Amp.  I expect in the near future we will see changes to the MF line.  
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That's unfortunate.

Its a cool looking piece. Just like everything else, something works great in one system, not so much in another.

No tubes? Herron, Manley, Zesto...?

Whest is specialized in Phono Preamps. I have the Whest PS.30DTSE. Outstanding product.
@alucard19  I am wondering what phono stage you finally brought. I like the Nu-vista product line. I couldn't find reviews of this new Nu-Vista phone stage. I am in the market for a phono stage in this price range as well. I'd like to know if anyone who has experience with this phono stage as well.

I had bought the MF Nu-Vista, but it didn't work in my system and I returned it to Music Direct and bought the Parasound JC3+ which sounds great in my system, I also bought a used JC 3Jr. which is also still in my main system. I have just recently bought the Whest Three Signature MM/MC Phono  Preamp for my secondary system that I use with my tube amps and it just makes the music come alive with the tube amps.