Outstanding service in high-end audio: Anecdotes, please. I'll start with Klaus and Duane

On the night before Axpona 2018 I called Odyssey Audio at ~7:15 pm Central Standard Time, and........KLAUS BUNGE ANSWERS from his car (!!) that he’s driving in Chicago! (I’m sure it was hands free, so as not to violate Illinois law about cell phones and driving--it must be hands free or it’s illegal...) It was about a fuse on my Odyssey Tempest Extreme preamplifier and his answer allowed me to easily fix the problem. Here he is preparing to exhibit the next day and he gets a call and ANSWERS IT. I was amazed. He acted like it was no big deal. "If I’m awake and I can answer, I’ll do it. You know that," he said, almost (but not quite) irked that I’d even ask. Well, no, I DIDN’T know that he would do that, but I do now. Amazing, in a good way. Duane Randleman, my longtime audio guru/dealer, offers a similar level of service, including during times when he has nothing to gain from offering advice (i.e., when he doesn’t even sell the product I’m asking about). Of course, I don’t abuse his time and I DO support him and the place at which he works (I’m not a total ass...). But still, it’s nice, especially the way things are right now in American commerce, to have some sterling examples of great service alive and well, right here in the USA.

So, fellow A’gon-izers, please add YOUR outstanding service anecdotes in the discussion thread below. This isn’t limited to Klaus Bunge or Duane Randleman (even though they’re my two PERSONAL favorites). If possible, I’d like to KEEP THE POSTINGS LIMITED TO POSITIVE EXPERIENCES, but I suppose negative and neutral experiences could be allowed, IF you think they’re important enough to be worth telling your fellow audiophiles about.

Have at it!
iFi Audio..I had bought a demo Stereo 50 Integrated Tube Amp/DAC/Headphone amp & had problems with the unit losing USB lock & then completely locking up(NO functions at all)..Because of my job I was in & out of country constantly & even though I had started a service ticket while warranty was in effect I couldn't get the amp to them in a timely manner...3 months after the warranty expired I was able to send them the amp,which I expected to be charged for repairs now that warranty was well expired...During the trip to manufacturer UPS decided to ignore the half dozen Fragile stickers on the box & loaded something very heavy on top so that when the amp arrived at iFi the Bamboo case was cracked in half!
 iFi did a complete factory rebuild & put on a brand new Case,shipped it back to me & charged me NOT A SINGLE $!!!
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I bought a NAD M51 DAC,  which I love by the way.....  it locked up after a firmware update at less than a month old.   NAD shipped a new unit out the next day to my dealer.    Great support.

Perspective is everything and I have to be honest. I had the worst experience with Klaus Bunge that I ever had in audio. Really got excited about owning Odyssey gear but when I finally took the plunge and purchased his gear I had hum and spurious noise in all three pieces, Stratos amp, Tempest preamp and finally the Candela preamp. The worst part was getting ahold of him and when I did it too over 18 months to get the gear to him and back. He never fixed it and blamed me for having bad AC, or excuses about ground problems. He was condescending and would not admit his gear had bad parts. I ended up losing a lot of money. He has his fans, but I would never deal with him. On a positive note, I am happy your experience was a good one,
Nick Doshi fixed my Lectron amplifier for free. I was going to pay for the repair but since it took longer than expected, he did not charge me. He had modified the amp several years ago. I was at least the third owner since the modification. He repaired a power supply issue and replaced several capacitors. One of the good guys for sure.