Oppo 205 with Parasound JC-1s

I’m downsizing and deciding what to keep. I’m keeping an Ayre AX-7e integrated and C5xeMP disc player to use with KEF Reference 1s for nostalgia. I’m wondering about an Oppo 205 Parasound JC-2 preamp and JC-1 monoblocks to use with Magnapan LRS. I recently added KEF LS60 and a pair of KC62 subs to our living room, so the Oppo, Parasound, and Magnapan seem superfluous, but I’m reluctant to let them go.

I started this post with the question of whether the Oppo 205 would work with the JC-1s without a preamp, but came to realize the JC-2 could be accommodated.


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Alright then. Lets close this post, since you questioned yourself and then provided yourself the answer 😁

Why don’t you just run the 205 to the amps direct with the balanced XLR connection? That’s what I do, no preamp, my 205 is the dac and preamp, works great. I am also driving Magnepan LRS with Peachtree Gan 400 amp. Running my sub and powered surround speakers off the Oppo as well.

My OP was written late at night and was thinking out loud. The next morning I tried to delete it. But a couple of replies bought useful clarification to my thinking.

Although my goal is simplification, the JC-1s with the Reference 1s would add only minimal complication. The 205 is already used in the room with a Sony HT A9 surround system, and a pair of JC 1s along the wall would be an attractive addition.  Who doesn't like to see a pair of JC 1s?


Let me know if/when you decide to sell the AYRE C5xeMP Player.


Happy Listening!


Running an Oppo 205 directly into amplifiers can be a great set up....in the right system.

The JC 1's might not qualify with their pretty sensitive (especially for ss) input of 1 V for full output, rather than the 2 V more commonly seen. This will reqiuire pushing back the volume on the Oppo 205 quite a bit, to be the point where range of volume control will be reduced, and perhaps more importantly resolution could be compromised.

OPPO UDP-205 4K Ultra HD Audiophile Blu-ray Disc Player (oppodigital.com)

Parasound Halo JC 1 monoblock power amplifier Specifications | Stereophile.com


I have listed an Ayre QX-5 Twenty, KX-5 Twenty, and VX-5 Twenty for sale. A Bryston SP-3 processor and two NAD amps will follow, and perhaps four LS50s, three Velodyne HGS-15s with SMS-1s bass managers, and a KEF Reference 204/2C. Probably sell the four-tier Salamander rack as well. Is that downsizing?

The Ayre DX-5 DSD, P-5, and Thorens TD 124 have been moved to the living room for use with the KEF LS60 and KC62 subs,

If a preamp is needed to match Oppo 205 outputs with JC 1 inputs I have a JC 2. All components could be accommodated in my Salamander rack for a tidy package.

Having now reread John Atkinson's review of the JC 2, I'll use it.  All components except the JC 1s will be in the Salamander rack; the JC 1s will flank the rack.  It's only a minor downsizing regression.  So the setup will be Oppo 205 or Nucleus, JC 2, JC 1s, KEF Reference 1s.