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Non-fatiguing speakers in $10K range?
Dynaudio fits your description of what you want. The higher models.  
YG Acoustics Peaks
I heard then at AXPONA and thought they were excellent.  
Oppo 205 with Parasound JC-1s
I would try the JC 1s with the Kef. I bet that would be excellent too.  
Looking for the next level in imaging...
Kef Blade is a very solid choice for imaging at the price point. It is not critical to be in the sweet spot although it does that well also.  
Rega P10 with Apheta 3
I am the only one who thinks the Hana ML on the Project is pretty solid considering the rest of the system? You are doing fine sir. Live with the system and enjoy it.   
OCD mickey website and negativity.
I like Mikey and his channel. I happen to think a pair of Kef Blades and Classe monoblocks make a very high end sound though. I wouldn't buy them at Magnolia but it is a very good sound in my opinion.  
Help . . . I’m dumber than my active speakers!
@kcpellethead I think your main system is very good and there is no reason to think the active speakers can do the same. I have heard Dutch and Dutch at shows and liked them. We have to ask ourselves can a built in amp  match these other electroni... 
Transparent Audio is anything but Transparent
I don't have a problem with Transparent's stance on this. It is surprising that anyone would think they should spend their time authenticating 2nd hand cables.   
Technics SL-1200GAE or VPI HW-40 or …?
I owned the HW 40 and the sound quality was dynamite. It is huge and barely fits on a normal rack. I own a Technics 1200g now and believe the engineering is tighter if that makes sense. Nothing is left to chance.  I would recommend the HW 40 but h... 
Maggies and subwoofer integration
I have yet to hear a speaker that doesn't benefit from subwoofers. Subwoofers add width to the soundstage. It's the foundation of the sound for me.  
Selling here on Audiogon
@thastum  Agree. I would list my speaker but $500 is too high considering they might not even sell. You can list for $5 but can't share info so it's very difficult to sell. Dealers apparently pay very little because you see the same guy from Chica... 
A Few Nice Words For Upscale Audio
They seem to do everything right.  
Seeking Legit Cartridge Expert?
Hana ML is as good as any in that price range.   
New to the B&W 801D4
I would probably add a preamp before I changed amplifiers. That might be a better result. Those are good amps by most accounts.  
suggestions? Coda CSIB or Musical Fidelity M8xi?
Those are both great And Rotel Michi X5 might be a good addition to that list. Great amp. I own it and have been pleased.