OK, who is buying one?

And if you are can I borrow a few grand?

$60k turntable.





I'm not in the market, but I am curious about the looks of the new Linn.  Several persons have commented to the effect it has rounded corners, yet the only photos I've seen, e.g., in the URL above, show what purports to be the new special edition Linn, but it has conventional (for an LP12) squared corners.  What gives?  Thanks to anyone who knows or can post a photo showing rounded corners.

so it was designed by John Ive? Well, he is probably the most pretentious BS artist I can think of but he is good at it. That's why it's 60K.


Anyone got a photo showing rounded corners? Thx.

Based on this: https://www.linn.co.uk/us/turntables/lp12-50

I’d say rumors of rounded corners or of any visually distinctive design element, are wildly exaggerated. So you get a plinth made of “densified wood” (Pindac’s parlance), a new power switch, and new hinges, for the roughly $30K premium over a fully tricked out LP12. I hope the design effort didn’t exhaust Mr Ive or  his company.

I think the 'rounded corners' description refers to the top plate of the plinth. The actual corners of the plinth are still squared.

The fact that a 'cosmetic' change with rounded corners on the top plate of a plinth  can generate even a whisper of inquiries  attests to Ive's 'BSness '. It is of the highest order, though I do like my iphone 8 with rounded corners. He was brilliant once.