No More Pop-Ups

Too many pop-ups and extortion-ware? My company had a lot of problems too. We learned that most of the spy ware is based in Internet Explorer. We found a free and easy cure:
1-run adaware and/or spybot to clean up your computer
2-do a google search for Mozilla
Mozilla has a free alternative to IE called Firefox. It will copy all of your IE settings but works differently than IE. This ended our issues since the spyware is waiting for IE to be run. If your problems get really bad, use Mozilla's firewall or use another good and free firewall by Zone Labs called zonealarm.
This allows me to be a happy camper surfing the net for audio gear:)
I'll second Mozilla, seems to do everything IE does, except its just easier and better... Try this:

I will confess, however, that I seem to have some authentication issues with certain sites. Other than that...
Using IE is like walking around with a "Kick Me" sign on. Same goes for using Outlook (email client) and its deformed offspring, Outlook Express. They've got more holes than swiss cheese, and by virtue of their vast deployment, they're by far the favorite target of virus and malware writers.

Earlier this year, the Department of Homeland Security actually issued a warning advising people to use browsers other than IE. That's a pretty serious statement as to how unsafe IE is:

Many people in IT (myself included) have been advising anyone who would listen not to use IE for security and technical reasons *for years*, to little avail. That the US government has finally figured this out is truly a demonstration of how obvious this point has become.
After having been in the service 67-70 and worked as a civilian employee with the Dept of Army in MN and CA.I highly recommend doing the exact opposite of anything the Fed's say ,especially in the tech fields.
Have any of you used Thunderbird, their email program? Also, is Thunderbird compatible or able to replace Outlook as the email server?

Thanks for the tip. I have been using it for a week. Firefox is so similar, but so much better than Explorer.
Thanks for the tip, I'm very happy with it as well. Just a quick question, how do I keep the increased text size permanent so I don't have to increase it everytime I sign on to Audiogon?
Ok, here goes...
I just downloaded Firefox - couldn't be easier.
It's been five minutes without a pop up! Hooray!