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Is the Transporter
Don't know if you are still looking, but the logitech website is showing the transporter se right now at $1299 instead of the normal $1499. Plus, it appears that they have some trade up program where you can give them an old piece of logitech kit ... 
Is iPod Digital Output Possible?
At some point, isn't the easier answer to just use the USB adapter to have the iPod act like a USB drive, rather than a player? 
Angriest Lyric/Vocal
I see numerous citations to heavy metal (which always impressed me a loud and obnoxious, but not necessarily *angry*), folk/protest rock (which strikes me as earnest and frustrated, but not *angry*), some post-punk/grunge (slightly angry, but only... 
Radiohead's new business model:
@spiritualized--thus screwing all the fans that bought online, since the CD release will have material not available via the download and will be released through one of the big four. Everyone thought they were enlightened... Now the sad truth is ... 
iTunes Importing?
I thought iTMS was going DRM-free?I also thought there were some offerings in higher quality format from iTMS. 
iTunes Importing?
On 2/3, WAV isn't really the native file on the CD, its the native bits on the CD in a MS-DOS/Windows file wrapper. The AIFF, I believe, is the same thing in an Apple wrapper. 
James Randi vs. Anjou Pear - once and for all
Oddly, my attempt to post something very similar about Mr. Randi's offer yesterday got nixed by the site management. What gives? 
Theta Casanova HELP please????? Can't unlock
That is a sad code--only 1296 possibilities. At, say, 6 seconds per try, that is 10 per minute, so about 2 hours of trying. I'd just start punching them in. Or pay a 10 year old $20 to "break the code."You might start with 1111, 2222, and some of ... 
Theta Casanova HELP please????? Can't unlock
What about contacting the seller and seeing if they remember the unlock code? Or, was that step implied and already done? 
Mac Mini & Outboard DAC
I had a mac mini attached to my main rig for a while. I've since changed to a headless PC box and a touchscreen airpanel running remote desktop. I think my problem with the mac solution was that turning on the tv, getting out the keyboard, and try... 
Belkin TuneFM for iPod
You might check and see if there is an aux in available for your head unit from the dealer. I bought one for my BMW 3 Series, and installed it myself--I think it was a whopping $15 or so. Its tucked up under the dash neatly. I also bought a cigare... 
How do I put a DAC to good use?
I thought the Airport Express had an optical out? I swear people said they were streaming to AXs and using optical... 
HDMI to DVI Cable
Not really. HDMI has a slightly longer range, but when connecting to a DVI device, the interface should be backwards compatible--you won't get audio, however, which is part of the HDMI spec but not the DVI spec. The only times I've had problems wi... 
what does the pf settings do
In what piece of equipment? pF is short for pico Farads, a measure of capacitance. Probably means you are adjusting a filter of some kind... 
30 Years, 5 Cities, Many Storms - Not One Failure
"[I]nsurance settlement would be an upgrade, as this stuff depreciates faster than a new Pontiac." There's the rub. I thought insurance usually pays FMV, not replacement value. Are you *sure* your policy is replacement value?