Need small size speakers for fireplace.

I asked this some ~18 months ago, and now that the fireplace is finished and I am now in a position to consider an upgrade in the speakers I am using to augment my TV/movie viewing, I am back with this question:

What speakers are you aware of that would fit into a space 11.25" by 7” and retail at or under $1500 ?  I would likely buy a used pair. They will be used with a subwoofer, and can be closed box or ported.  I am looking to put together a list and will research suggested pairs online to narrow down pairs to purchase.  Thanks in advance.  

Make sure you get something made of MDF or wood that will burn well but I would at least remove the drivers or crossovers first! ;)
You'll want sealed box to sound right.  The small ATC 7s or Spendors would work well.  Not sure if your dimensions are exact or not, but these two should come close to fitting within the enclosure.
There is a pair of Spendor S3/5's listed here for $420. I had them years ago and I think they would fit the bill. If you are looking to buy new they go for $1600. IMO,they are a great little speaker!
Guess I forgot to mention that the speakers would not go into the fireplace proper but into compartments made for them on either side, hence the restriction on size. I do think if I were to burn speakers as apposed to money on them, ash would be preferred over MFD, no glue. :-)

I checked on the size on the Spendors and the ATC, both too tall at 12”. Otherwise very good suggestions. Would have probably purchased the used Spendors.
Ah, they’re not going in the fireplace? Then I change my answer from ash to pecan since the speakers would be pecan out from compartments at the sides of the fireplace.
Check the Role Audio small monitors, even smaller than the affore mentioned.  Of course bass becomes an option.
geofflait, Yes, I will have speakers pecan out from fireplace sides and pecan wood shedding light on the subject. 

celtic66, I will check out the Role Audio speakers, never heard of that make.  I will be using a subwoofer. 

I was a nut for not making the compartments 1” taller. I would have liked the Spendors.

What about those cute little Pioneer speakers from the guy that just introduced the ELAC speakers at CES? As I recall they’re about a hundred bucks. I know someone who’s got em and he loves em.
If they are for TV/movie sound, I am going to go to a slightly different place.  IMO, sight pretty much trumps sound in that scenario.  I'd suggest saving some big $$ and going w NHT Super zeros (plenty on the used market) or the small Paradigms or something like that. 
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Hi, You should check out "Gallo" Due's, I'm using 3 of them for my front speakers in my home theater setup and like them very much! There is a pair for sale on e-bay that I saw yesterday for $600.00, Great little speaker!
Good luck with your search, Tish
Unfortunately, squeezing speakers into a small compartment like that is about the worst thing you can do to them.  The Tannoy Revolution XT Minis would fit in there, but I'm not sure what it would sound like.  Tannoy makes a pretty nice sounding and looking speaker, the tweeter is set into the middle of the woofer for superior imaging.  

You haven't mentioned what will be driving the speakers, which would help.
Yes, Geoffkait was spot on in recommending the Pioneer SP-BS22 speakers. Andrew Jones of TAD fame designed these and Stereophile raves about them. I bought them and was impressed by what they could do for $129/pair.
Geoffkait,  if your are referencing to the Pioneer SP22s, they are too large. I have owned a pair and agree that for the money they are exceptional.

I currently have a pair of Wharfdale Diamond 10.0 in place, also have a pair of Celestron F-10s which i have used. 

Runnin,  I must admit that I often think that I might do well with my current setup given the acoustical constraints. I mentioned speakers that cost upward of $1500 retail only with the intention of buying use. I realize that I am not likely to get the most from any speaker, however may be able to do better without great cost.  
To expand on my approach, I am developing a list of speakers that I could buy used and resell if they don’t work out. I will research all suggested models online to determine if a model suits my needs.

Currently I am using a Pioneer Elite 35r integrated. It is the least expensive integrated that I can recommend to many of my non-audiophile friends. Should I find a pair of speakers that would benefit from better amplification I would replace the 35r.

This system is actually a tertiary one. It resides in our living room primarily to augment the video experience, however is in use for FM and streaming Pandora via a wireless NAD DAC1. I have a primary in a dedicated listening room, I call it my ’nightclub’.  I have a secondary one I use outside when weather permits and which is a constant state of flux as I like to explore what is possible to achieve with $1000-$1500 on the used market. I also am playing with a headphone system.

I am retired and have more time to play.  

Just want to thank everyone for the enjoyment and education I get from participating on this forum.   

I am taking an interest in a pair of Sous Faber Toy monitors for sale here on AG. Any thoughts?
The Role Sampan FTL looks interesting to me. Role's sister company NSMT - Model 10S also look interesting. I have not heard either of them, but I've been curious about them both for years.....
Celtic and reubent, thanks for the Role Audio suggestion. Never heard of that company nor have ever seen any come up used either.  
I checked out Role, I will keep an eye on the used market for the small monitors. Thanks!
Gallo A'Diva se. Their small enough sound pretty good. Strada 2's even better. Of course a sub wouldn't hurt.
The smaller models from DALI: Menuet or Zensor Pico. Amazing sound at a low price. 

Miller & Kreisel  S-85 
4 ohm
Min 10 watts rms max 200
85 Hz - 20 KHz ± 2 dB
10 1/2"t x 6 1/4"w x 8 1/4"d  
9 lbs. ea. 
Cost me over $800 when purchased new.
Audiophile quality.
Multiple inputs to have control over crossovers.
I recently moved and am not using mine so I would be willing to trade or sell. Contact me if you have any interest.
Fwiw, I recently traded for a pair of Silverline Minuets. Smallest speaker I've owned. I've been delighted with them and they are reviewed positively. The used price is probably 3-400. 

They are rear ported but I have read of them being used in a bookshelf. I use mine in a bedroom system.


Thanks everyone!  I have decided that I will reduce my budget to those speakers that can be had used for < $400. Given the placement constraint and supporting system that budget seems reasonable.

My list now includes:
Audioenjine P4
Dali Zensor 1
Monitor Audio bronze 1
Silverline Minuet 
Paradigm Atom

Hope to expand this list. 

Silverline Minuet will kill and eat for lunch any other speaker on your list .
Used for $400 is your limit thats fine. Just remember you'll get what you pay for. Better option, do without for a liitle while, double that 400 to 800. Your used increase performane will triple. Good luck
Dali Zensor 1 is a very smart choice; I am a happy owner of a pair of Dali Zensor 1 for more than three years and I'm very pleased with the overall result. No wonder they got so many good reviews and "Best Speaker" mentions under that category.
I suggested the Zensor Pico and the Menuet because they're smaller (though the Menuet is more expensive). But if you have room for the Zensor 1, give it a try!
Joejoe, as 213runnin mentioned, given my placement constraint, I will likely be diminishing the sonic value of any speaker I choose. This I new going in. Further consideration of this has driven my decision to reduce my budget to those speakers that retail at ~$800 or less as apposed to ~$1500. That said, what speakers can you recommend that fit my space constraint and can be found used for $800?

Schubert, I am confident I would also find the Minuets to be the best of my list, however retail at ~2x the price of the Zensors, which, based on reviews seem to be of high sonic value.  After further consideration I have shortened my current  list to the Minuet and the Zensor 1.  Thanks miqueca for the comments on the Zensors.

I remain searching for other options.

I had to downsize my system recently & I thought replacing my beloved S.F.Toy Towers was going to be impossible.I was WRONG!
 3 days into a new pair of Dali Zensor 3's I'm not missing the TT's one bit!The Dali's have that same ability as the wring out superb detail while staying musical.The Royal Menuet's are probably my next upgrade as I downsize further.
If your still interested,after about 100 hours the Zensor 3's bass became too much for my smallish living room so they went back & the Zensor 1's are now in their place.After almost 100 hours they have more than enough bass for my apartment & sound heavenly driven by 10wpc.SE EL34 tube integrated amp!
Thanks freediver! I haven’t made any moves yet but the Zensor 1s remain on my list. I did replace the Pioneer integrated with a Cambridge 540A which provided a little more power and somewhat more refined. 
Just bought a pair of DALI Zensor 1s here on AG. Havn't received them yet but will get back once I've had some experience with them.
Well. seems I am a little late on getting back. I have been using the Dali Zensor 1s since the last post. More recently have tried the NHT Super Zeros. The Dali's are far superior for music, however I am not sure the NHT's don't serve as well for movies. Compared to the Dali's the NHT are somewhat dark, lacking in upper frequency extension and lack the resolution. On the used market the Dali's are more than 2x the price.

One day I may score a pair of used Sliverline Minuets. The Dali,s and NHTs will have to serve til then.