Marantz SA10 sacd player

I love this  player , after 3 yrs and 2 months I purchase it. It doesn’t read single layer sacd. It’s out of waaranty.So United Radio marantz authorize won’t repair it. Is this a common issue on this expensive sacd player?


Ismmatthew more likely  pick stereo rehab to install it.

@jayctoy  , where is Stereo Rehab located?

Imatthewj finally my 2 laser lens arrived. This is long weekend Stereo Rehab is open Friday. I will visit Stereo Rehab first before bringing my SA10 . To make sure Casper indeed can do it.

Since you’re going to Stereo Rehab to talk with Kaspar, I suggest taking the SA-10 and laser part. He will want to see the player and diagnose it while you’re there. This is his approach.

It will also potentially save you an extra trip.

If you want to clean your laser lens after you have it repaired, don't use a regular cd lens cleaner. use this:

                                   game doctor premier laser lens cleaner - Search (








I think if you own SA 10 and Ruby it’s good to have reserve traverse assembly optic lens, Encompass is selling for $51.I learn a lesson from my 9000es Modwright. When the lens gave up. No more parts available after 10yrs.. I paid Modwright $1800 for the mod, the 9000es Sony is 1k. The Sony became useless.

Jafant Iam still busy , I have not have time to bring it to stereo Rehab. My friend from Music Direct also recommended stereo Rehab.

Jafant I went talk to stereo rehab guy Casper very nice guy. Nice store. I did not bring my SA10.He said , he can do it. Only if the parts came from Encompass.So yes I like Him to do it.TVAD thank you.

You’re welcome, @jayctoy. I hope things continue to work out favorably until you have a working SA10 again.

Thanks also to @sharri for identifying the correct part and purchase resource. 

Some time ago I wrote about Aging Mode and how people can check their laser hours and laser output levels. I check my laser hours on the first of every month, just because I can do it. I also check laser output levels every 6 months. The laser output level is the T21 and T22 in Aging Mode. The critical numbers really are the T2 hours and the T22 output levels. These are the sacd laser numbers. I just checked mine. In the past 6 months I put 330 hours on my sacd laser. The T22 output level was unchanged. 

I would urge every user to keep track of their sacd laser output level, the T22 check. It is simple and easy to do.


Since you are the one with the sacd laser issue, it would be informative if you could check and post your T22 level.

If you cannot do it, then I imagine Casper at Stereo Rehab would do it before opening up your player. It takes only a few seconds, if you know what to do.

Afterall, if the LOL is in the good area, between 1000 and 2100, then the laser does not need replacing. 

I suggest letting Kaspar do his job and resist giving him instructions. He is a very detail oriented person. He will take care of you. 

@sharri  , I went back through and re-read the posts in this thread, and once again want to thank you for the wealth of helpful information you provided for SA 10 owners.  I copied and pasted and made a document which I saved and also printed of the procedures to check LOP and TB1 and TB2 and I am planning on doing that tomorrow.

However, I have a theoretical question:  if one's laser did take a crap and one was having issues finding a tech anywhere close to local  he or she trusted to do the work, how would it work to buy either a SACD dedicated transport, OR a cheaper SACD player, and connect either of those to the SA10 and therefore use the SA10 as a separate SACD DAC?


. . . hmmmm . . . well, after doing some searches, as related to that question I just asked @sharri  , I am getting that (mostly) that (probably) cannot be done.  Someone did post a link  at the end of the discussion I am about to paste a link for about a (possible) solution, but when I click on that link, I get nothing.


Iamatthewj I believe. You can’t use it as a sacd transsport. Only as DAc redbook.You can’t even use DbobwGeerfab either it has no HDMI .

The connections on the rear of the SA-10 for digital inputs are optical (Toslink), coaxial (SPDIF), USB, and for IPOD.

In the event that the SACD laser becomes non-functional the player still retains DAC functionality for the above inputs. The only above input that accept DSD is the USB input connection. The player remains fairly functional.

However, the reason for having the player is generally to play sacd discs.

However, the reason for having the player is generally to play sacd discs.

Yes, @sharri  , the reason I bought it was to hear the full sonic attributes of SACD and to also play my red book discs.  You are right--if I did not want to play SACD I would not have bought it.

Immatthew it’s worth buying traverse optic lens back up , the SA 10 is good on red book, it’s an amazing sacd player.Encompass has them.

@jayctoy  , I just got through going to that lin@sharri  provided and ordering the assembly from encompass.  Hopefully I will never need it, but it is kind of like insurance, I guess, that if I can find someone to install it, at least I will have the part.  Thanks @sharri and @jayctoy  .

Good choice Matthew SA 10 without sacd it is tough to swallow.Though the redbook is excellent.TVAD I brought my SA10 to stereo rehab today. Casper explain to me what need to be changed.He is legit. Charging me between $230 to $250. Very fair.

My SA 10 lens is beginning not to recognize redbook. So I knew I have to drop it today . I brought the parts I bought from Encompass.

Casper explain to me what need to be changed.He is legit. Charging me between $230 to $250. Very fair.

Fair indeed!

When Kaspar delivers a repair, he always connects the device to his system so the customer can hear it and see it’s fixed. So, you’ll be able to experience his vintage system. By the way, all the vintage tube electronics lining the shelves in his waiting room are owned by him, and most aren’t for sale.

The room is very nice. You are right more tube vintage behind the stores. TVAD thank you again.

@jayctoy  , I run on the neurotic side and being a bit paranoid I always try to think ahead.  I may have to contact stereo rehab about shipping them my unit IF ("IF" being the operative word) mine ever takes a dump.  $230 sound reasonable.  This is a great thread for SA10 owners thanks to all of you who have contributed.  Encompass sent me an email saying that my insurance policy is in the mail.

 I may have to contact stereo rehab about shipping them my unit IF ("IF" being the operative word) mine ever takes a dump

Kaspar doesn’t accept long distance repairs. He insists on local only, where he can speak one-on-one with the customer, demonstrate that the component works properly after the service, and the component has no chance of being damaged in shipping. 

I asked him about this.

Yes TVAD is correct he does not accept shipping stuff. If something happen your SA 10 fail to work Matthew try your best to find a technician locally. Iam sure you can find one. I believe it’s not as hard to install it. After all fail and you can’t find. Though Iam hoping your sa10 will stay healthy.Lets see how things will work on my sa10 . And if all good.Matthew I can sense you are a good guy. I can help just in case.

My guest Casper from stereo rehab will repair my SA10 no sweat. I am full him.So different than any technician I met.

Imatthew the sa10 is a very good sacd player, and very expensive not to think ahead.I learned a lesson when my Sony 9000es sacd player Modwright $3000 total including the player. It’s a very good player even after 10yrs. When the lens gave up? No more lens available. There I throw a good expensive sacd player. I wish I had the same thinking now securing the 9000 es.Unfortunately I did not know that time lens on sacd burn quickly sometimes.

Though Iam hoping your sa10 will stay healthy.

@jayctoy  , so am I, but as you say, one never knows, so as you suggested, I am thinking ahead.  Bummer that Stereo Rehab doesn't take stuff that is shipped.  To get to Chicago I'd have to drive across Ohio and then Indiana and then deal with driving through Chicago.  Not my favorite thing to do on a good day, but with my eyesight now a days, I definitely would not be up for it.  When and if it happens, I will explore other options, but at least I will have the lens.  Good to read that yours is now being repaired.  I bet that makes you feel good.  Keep us updated.  

I am feeling better now. Because to find parts correctly is very challenging? Thanks to Sharri . Looking for the right technician is a hard task. We have plenty here but most they are after your money and they have attitude.Yes I do feel good about meeting Casper to do repair. Courtesy of TVAD. Iam not gonna deny I got nervous I paid almost 6k for open box that’s a lot of money.l love both Ruby and SA10. I decided to buy both.That time I never thought vynil will really open up my eyes. So I settle for both sacd players.

They are plenty of used  sa 10 lately on the market ? I saw some at .If you love this Ruby and SA 10 get extra lens for back up.

Sharri basically Casper will just replace the traverse optic lens. I sent you PM too.

Yes, I received the PM. Thanks.

BTW, you are the first known person to have an SA-10 laser failure and replacement amongst player owners on audio forums. These players have been around quite a while and the laser mechs do seem quite reliable. However, it is entirely possible that this could happen again to your player. It might be wise to check the initial Laser Output Level of the new laser, as that will give you a benchmark figure. And then once or twice a year just check the sacd LOL.

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Hm, okay, you say so.

I did mention that it was amongst owners who post on forums.


In the past there has been no shortage of posts on forums, more so in the days of the forum, about Marantz laser failures and terrible Marantz service.

The Marantz Reference Series players from SA-7 on, have seemed to have better laser lifetimes that earlier players.

The more worrisome note in this thread is the Marantz Service Center that would not repair a Marantz player for customer pay. In the 00's I used 2 Marantz Service Centers for Marantz repairs that I paid for, with no issues whatsoever.

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. . . I remember a few years ago on Audio Asylum some one posted a thread about an issue he was having with the transport mechanism with an SA10.  I cannot remember exactly what was going on--I think that either it would not open or close.  I was interested because I think it was about the time I had bought mine, but it was one of those deals where the OP drops in an posts a thread and then becomes a ghost, despite how many people ask him for a followup.

Sharri some Sa10 owners will not post the lens problem.Because it will lower the used value.I thought twice in putting this thread.Since Iam 100 % sure I will keep both Sa10 and Ruby I decided to put the thread, my porpuse to put this thread is to find help , and you and TVAD did.Also to inform there is an issue going on for the buyers.AND to let owners know about Marantz services after warranty.When my SA 10 had issues , SA 10 shows up more used. Sharri thank you for your help.

It is unethical to sell a problematic player and not mention it in the ad. It will lead to nothing but trouble, for everyone involved. Yet people do it.

The first used sacd player I bought in 2007 failed to read the first 3 sacd's I tried. Seller then claimed the player had worked perfect for him. He either only played rbcd's or was a liar. It was easiest to just send the player to Marantz Service and get it fixed. Disputing a sale, even on Ebay, gets pretty long winded and tiresome.

While people can surmise that owners of SA-10 and Ruby have had laser issues and not post about them is fine. But it is not first-hand knowledge of such. The laser mechs are also sold to high end companies dcS and Playback Designs. That in itself does not guarantee flawless operation, but it does ad credibility to these being very good laser mechanisms that won't have the issues of earlier sacd lasers.

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