Marantz SA10 sacd player

I love this  player , after 3 yrs and 2 months I purchase it. It doesn’t read single layer sacd. It’s out of waaranty.So United Radio marantz authorize won’t repair it. Is this a common issue on this expensive sacd player?



Thank You for the reply to my query. Good to read the SA-10 is performing again.


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Jafant on rca you can’t tell the difference between Ruby and SA10. It’s the balance where the SA 10 is better.ITS MORE OPEN LAYERING AND SOUNDSTAGE IS BIGGER, more depth and impact.


Talk about the sonic difference(s) between Ruby and SA-10 players.


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Socalm1528 if Mc introsh has good service and stock lasers you are in good shape.

Matthew now I have to laser back up for my Sa10 and new order arrived today.

I like what TVAd said ,, expensive sacd are not immune to lens failure.Especially if they are used daily and put more hrs on them

@immatthewj yikes! Didn’t know SA10 was $7k must have confused it with the 30N at $3K. There you go I saved $ by getting a McIntosh 😉, never thought that would happen.

@socalml528 , no sweat on that. And that was the premise of the OP’s thread--he bought this high dollar SACD player and after the lens that reads SACDs took a crap on him, the Marantz service centers wouldn’t touch his player because it was out of warranty (even though he would have been way happy to pay out of his own pocket). Which kind of sucks if you ask me, and is kind of on my mind as well, because I am also SA 10 owner.  

@immatthewj  yikes!  Didn't know SA10 was $7k must have confused it with the 30N at $3K.  There you go I saved $ by getting a McIntosh 😉, never thought that would happen. 

I have the solution; spend more!  I bought the McIntosh MCD85 SACD player.  

@socalml528  , can you expound on what you mean by that?  I just looked on MD and the McIntosh MCD85 looks like it is going for 5k, and the Maranzt SA 10 is going for about $7500.

I have the solution; spend more!  I bought the McIntosh MCD85 SACD player.  My logic was that it would open up my options on SACD and revive my CD collection. But alas like much in audio the results are mixed.

I have SACDs that are virtually equal to the sound I get with vinyl; and I have SACDs that sound no better than a CDs.  Same for CDs some just sound better, others no improvement.  

There's also the option to connect my streamer Marantz NA6005 to the MCD85 and use the better DAC.  Plus, connect the MCD85 to an amp with balanced cables.  I have it connected this way to a McIntosh MA352.

Was it worth it? There's no logic than I can spin here. I could buy a lot of premium vinyl with the price of the MDC85, but its a beautiful addition to the MA352 (if you like chrome) and there will always be service and parts from McIntosh.  So hunt for SACDs and spin away!

Matthew my SA 10 was back to factory reset. If not playing for more than 1Hr it will go back to stand by mode which is good to save the lens.My 8005 marantz sacd player does it to.

Matthew good idea to check as Sharri said. I just played mine 4hrs.I wonder if the Cound begins upon turning it on or only when playing sacd or even redbook.Since they are only $51 and I have tech here.And I play them a lot. I will order 2 more keens.-

Matthew my guest the open box are factory refurbished.Though mine looks brand new.

My guest it’s a refurbished unit.

Sounds like they didn't do much refurbishing.  I need to quit putting off checking the hours on mine.


You will be doing yourself a big favor if you take the readings of hours and LOL on the new laser. That will give you benchmarks for all future use and time.


Lastly again I recommend buying a spare lens for the SA10. It’s always a good feeling knowing you have an insurance just in case is needed.

Sharri the stereo rehab gave me the old lens it looks like it’s over used. Why it no longer read sacd and barely read redbook.This is an open box, I think the unit I got has more mileage than an open box.My guest it’s a refurbished unit.I should have done the reading you told me just for curiosity

TVAD I noticed the sound got more clearer and bigger. Is this the effect of new lens? Did you experience it with your esoteric player after lens replacement?



Thank You for the confirmation. I will keep Stereo Rehab in mind for future Marantz repair/service. The SA-10 is a modern Classic.


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Sharri , Kasper from stereo rehab confirmed to me, the parts from encompass  is genuine . 

Jafant , stereo rehab played the SA10 in their system before I load it to my car. They also return my old lens. Their system is all tubes. The SA 10 sound amazing in their system. Now it’s playing nicely on my system. Let me thank Sharri and TVAd to make this successful repair  happened. Thank you for contributing their post on this thread.

I just received an invoice from Stereo Rehab and I paid them. Good news. I will pick up the SA10 Friday or Saturday.

This doesn’t apply to the SA10 or any of the more expensive CDPs, but the second CDP I ever had was a Carver vacuum tube CDP that I bought in '94 and used standing alone and then as a transport for an outboard DAC. Anyway, it was in my system for about four years, getting most of its use on weekends, and then it started doing goofy things--skipping, getting stuck, etc. I assumed this was related to the laser/lens. Then I bought a Rega Jupiter (top loading) dedicated transport and it lasted and lasted. I put my system in mothballs in 2010, but when I brought it back out near the end of 2017 the Rega was working fine, and in 2020 when I bought my SA10 it was still working.

Sharri you are right open box do have mileage in them, I did put lot of mileage with my SA10.My friend who rarely used his 20 yr old sony  9000es sacd still working? Therefore the more the player is being used, the lense lifespan shorten.

Sharri why I did not fight to send my SA 10 to New York . Though I have the original box.The cost of shipping, the unit travels is just too much. The hassel talking on the phone is just too much. I only drove 30 min to stereo rehab..Why I truly appreciate TVAD. Most of the repair in the Chicago area I know except stereo rehab.

A couple of extra things here......

For years I used a Marigo mat with discs in my SA-8260. So, of course I tried it with the first disc in the Ruby when I got it. Didn't work. The Marigo mat is quite thin, but still it was too thick. So that was that for the mat. They cannot be used in the new Marantz transports.

Then there is shipping and packing......

Always keep the original packing material!!!! You can then safely ship a player when needed. But you have to use the original packing material, all of it. Remember, most every player gets shipped, usually across an ocean in a boat then on roads in a truck. The original packing is made for this.

I used to buy used 8260 players, for parts. Ones that came with original packing always came in good condition. Ones that didn't come with original packing always came with a broken pcb, ruining half of why I was buying the player. 

Please DO NOT send any Marantz to George Meyer AV, as I mistakenly did for my SC7S2 Preamplifier.

Morris owner will keep you waiting for month and months and bullshit you on the phone with a horrible attitude. From a technical standpoint, they don't have the knowledge to repair complex Marantz units, i.e. they do not have the necessary Kit to upgrade the software on the SC7S2. However they will lie to you and tell that first thing they do is a software upgrade. I requested my unrepaired unit to ship back from them, once received my unit was totally dead. I had to open it to reconnect all the wires they left unconnected on purpose.

My bad for trusting George Meyer without doing a proper preview research. 


Matthew the SA10 loves good pc and interconnect.I used reveal pc high fidelity for ic I am rotating my valkyrja Nordost, Dynamic cable ic, Audioquest diamond , my favorite is tellurium silver diamond ic.

Matthew I thought I will retired at 62 . I started buying good power cords ic and speaker cables, that Iam really familiar with.Music Direct usually they have warehouse sale during summer. I get a very good discount. Most of my gear are slightly used.This are my favorite cables for power cords Audioquest, for ic and speakers cable I like tellurium and Nordost. I like high fidelity stuff as well.

You have, and have had, some nice players, @jayctoy  .  Some pretty exotic power cords also!

Sharri I should have check the hours.i panic and assume both lens run out of hours because the redbook is also not reading properly.Kasper.told me I will get back the old laser see how it looks.I have the marantz 8005 and Yamaha s1000 sacd player, and Ruby , the SA10 is the one I listen most.while waiting for SA10 return , I am now using the 8005 which is amazing on sacd.


Yes, you used your player a lot. Pity you didn't take the time to check the laser use times and levels before you took it in to be repaired. But you didn't. 

You mentioned that you bought an open box player, so it came with some use time on it. Impossible to know how much it had when you started.

Anyway, with the new laser you have a chance to start at the beginning and can monitor the laser, if you choose to do so.

It is all better now!

I might bring myMarantz 4000 Njoe Tjoeb to Kasper for lens replacement. It works 80% most of the time. Only if he can find parts. This is a 20 year old tube player modified in Europe.It sounds very good especially with reflector this player.


Let me know when your SA-10 Player is repaired and returns to System.


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Tvad, thanks for the clarification. 

I have been seeking first-hand knowledge of laser transport issues with the SA-10's and Ruby's for some time without much success. I mostly just wanted an idea of how long the laser mech was lasting.

Now I know how to track my own laser output level, so not as concerned as before.

The SA 10 shines with balance output as well. 

I am using the balanced outs to my preamp.

This thread produce good positive result. Because of it I was able to put together to find parts and technician. Now Iam looking forward to enjoy my SA 10 again. I terribly miss the sacd mode.The SA 10 shines with balance output as well. 

My SA 10 it’s beginning to not even read redbook cd.Matthew congratulations now you will have peace of mind.Its just practical to have back up.Later they won’t be available.

As I've typed before, this is a great thread for SA10 owners, thanks to all of you contributors.

Anyway, hopefully I am concerned about something that will never happen, but it's better to be prepared and not need to be, then to have something happen and not be at all prepared.

EDIT: I don’t know George Meyer’s service policy for out of warranty Marantz components. Give them a call. 

Just did a google on them.  In the need arises, I will keep them in mind.  Thanks.

My SA 10 it’s beginning to not even read redbook cd.Matthew congratulations now you will have peace of mind.Its just practical to have back up.Later they won’t be available.