Integrated or Power amps compatible with both EL 34 and 6L6 tubes

A friend of mine is looking for either an integrated amplifier or a power amplifier which will use both 6L6 or EL 34 tubes. The only one that came to mind is the Leben amplifiers.

Her budget is around 6K.

Are their any others she should look at?


Actually there are a lot but Primaluna comes to mind, especially for someone who wants a more plug and play experience. However what is important to know is what speakers will this amp be driving and what general sound qualities are sought. 

Decware ZMA is a great amp. 2 yr waitlist. but they show up on the preowned market. I bought one and used it 18 months and sold it as I’ve gone SET. Built like a tank and very reliable. Best 4 tube bias system I’ve ever seen. Sounds great.


OBTW, compatible with a lot more tubes as well.

Triode labs / Finale Audio i believe makes a 6L6 amp. 

Audionote makes many EL34 amps. AudioNote kits also. 

Ayon another.