D links and i links are they compatible?

I am a fan of a technology that has fallen by the wayside known as i link.
This is basically a FireWire connection that carries audio and video fom source to the AVR or processor.
I used to have a Sony ES receiver coupled with their a Sony CD/SACD player (1000ES). Loved the link but otherwise hated the receiver. Currently using a Pioneer Elite non HDMI with an I link combined with the Pioneer Elite player (SACD/DVD-A, no Blu Ray). Again, I love the link but I want to add HDMI .
Denon 4806 AVR has a "d-link.". Will this be compatible with the ilink from the Pioneer player? Are d links and I links compatible with each other?
Typically these I.link, D-link, and other ?-links are proprietary to the manufacturer. Their idea was that you'd buy all your components from the same family to take "advantage" of their linking/communication features. I doubt Denon's D-link will play nice with Pioneer's I.link. For what it's worth, Denon's D-link is not a Firewire connection, but a shielded Cat5 connection. Why not just buy a Pioneer HDMI/I.link enabled receiver?
Thanks for your answer, Kg. I am using a Pioneer receiver now that doesn't have an HDMI. When I bought it I didn't realize that it lacked HDMI. i have not seen any Pioneer HDMI/ilink receiver available. It's possible that they are on offer, but it is hard to find out which models have ilink, as no one seems to care much about this.
Just looking over Pioneer's current product line, I didn't see anything with an I.link connection. Perhaps they've abandoned it. I looked at their top end Elite SC-68 and it didn't have I.link which leads me to believe they aren't using it anymore.