Info on Using BAX to Ship

There has been some discussion on this forum about using BAX to ship heavy products. I was told by a dealer that I'm returning some crated speakers to that it is simply like walking into a local UPS hub and dropping them off for shipment. Well, it does not work like that! So if you're thinking of using BAX here are some things to know. Only a commercial business with an account with BAX can ship using BAX. They don't accept items from individuals and they won't pick up at a residence unless you have an RMA for a return. This is because of 9/11; they want to make sure you are a viable business with a good reason to ship something heavy. Hope this saves people a trip to their "local" BAX office like I wish it had for me.
If Where talking about BAX GLOBAL Shipping, You can drop off your shipment at any "willing" business address such as your apartment complex office, a friends store etc. and Bax will happily pick it up. They will also accept your personal check for payment, No business account needed. I just did this to send a pair of 3 series maggies from Denver to MN.
With Menlo Forwarding is even more simple than with BAX: it's simply necessary that you bring your items to their storage, then they have to wait 1 week before ship them anywhere in the world.
I shipped large ribbon speakers to the east coast with Bax Global with a phone call, a credit card and gave Bax the location at a business for them to pick up. This was the easiest and most inexspensive transaction I have done. The buyer had to pick up at the Bax location, but they were there in three days. They mailed me an invoice and I was done.
Bax was a nightmare for me, I setup a requested pickup on their website, they didn't show I called them and then they informed me because of a home residence they could not pickup even though on their website it mentioned nothing about this.
I then had to rent a uhual ($39) to move the billy bags pro rack on the factory pallet to a friends business (there was not a local pickup in Colorado Springs), they picked up from there but increased the shipping costs $110 from the web quote, So I was out that. Then when it got the persons house they didn't bring out a truck with a lift gate (even though I specified in the notes that would require this, BAX told me they don't read the notes from the WEBSITE SITE Form???) and so they said I had to pay another $100 (this was the local delivery location) for them to drop it off (Keep in mind I was out $200+ dollars at this point from the quoted shipping price I passed on to the buyer). I had no choice at that point and paid via credit card. so it cost me $534 to ship a $2000 Billy Bags rack I sold for $950 and I wasn't going to ship it but BAX website had such great prices.

Worse yet I kept getting collection notices for the extra $100 fee I already had paid. They had no record of the remote sites finances because they aren't centralized!! It took 2 hours of my time faxing Credit card statements to them and research to my credit card company to get the notices to stop and for them to stop calling me.


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The web site actually does clearly state that they DO NOT pick up at residential addresses. It also clearly states that additional charges will apply for extra men and or equeptment. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hugh fan of the shipping cos., but fair is fair. we have to do our part in researching carefully our choices. not just complain after the fact.
The last time I viewed the BAX web site and tried to get an estimate I was offered the option of a residence pick up for an extra $30. And when i was down at the BAX facility it was clear that the BAX 800 number people and the local people have different notions about what is correct.
Flynntom: This was not stated(anywhere on the quoting or scheduling time for pickup) on their site 2yrs ago. It's great that other people had great results..their phone service was very poor and distributed. If they would have quoted me the correct shipping cost up front then I wouldn't have made the mistake of choosing them and shipped it Fedex (Dropped off at the fedex depot) for $360 instead of teh $534 is ended up costing me.
I sent a pair of Magnepan MGIII from Philadelphia to Toronto using BAX global. I called them on the phone, gave the the dimensions, weight, value, destination. They gave me a price quote, explained that they DO NOT pick up at residences, faxed the paperwork and customs forms to me and we had a completed transaction which took about 30 minutes. I took the speakers to work with me the next day, The BAX truck showed up within 10 or 15 minutes of the time they said they would, and the speakers arrived at Canadian Customs within 2 days.

I guess it's like anything else, hit or miss depending on office or person you deal with.
Bought a pair of demo speakers in Idaho (1.5 days drive from my home in Alberta) and used Bax. Paid $300 for them to be flown up here in 3 days via Salt Lake after traveling via their truck from outside Boise. They ended up on a truck and sent to O'Hare/Chicago where they then advised me that because the dealer wasn't registered with them (I'm assuming means didn't have an account) the speakers had to go by ground - something about post 9/11. They didn't know why they ended up going east as opposed to directly north but assured me that they would be put on a truck from Chicago to Calgary once they arrived @ O'Hare. Much to my dismay and angst they then were sent via Ground to Cleveland, a hub of theirs - we are now moving farther in the opposite direction!!! They arrived in Cleveland a day later and then I was told they would be flown to Calgary which is the method I originally paid for but instead of 3 days it was now 7. No rebate offered and thankfully the speakers which were well protected arrived without damage. Would I use them again, possibly given I now know their "rules" which are not always apparent to visitors to their website! Their prices are quite good - as an example I am having a decent sized double box weighing some 40 pounds shipped from California to Alberta via Fed-ex Air and its costing me 70% of what Bax charged me to ship 2 X 150 lb speaker boxes. I guess no freight Company is perfect but as its already been discussed it would be great if all their employees were on the same page...
I Guess Slipknot1 nailed it in his windup. It's hit and miss. This is unfortunatly true throughout the business world. Some employees care about the accuracy of the information they give us and others collect their paychecks and couldn't give a F$%* less. Sad but true, cavaet emptor!!
FYI also, unless you have the business say that the goods are from them to a consumer, they are considered "personal effects" which they will only insure for $500. I tried to do this from a BAX location myself and I wasn't about to ship a Pass X-350 with only $500 insurance. FedEx ended up taking it, UPS wouldn't because it was 153 pounds, 3 over their limit. I hate UPS.
My experiences with BAX have been very good. Inexpensive and on-time. But they will NOT pick up at home, at least in here in CT. I received a 175 lb 30" TV from Colorado one time, a 42" plasma TV another and a third (can't remember what) w/o any problems.