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Bluesound is great when it works, but ... to create a share and connect it to bluos 
Line Magnetic 845 Premium or Pass Labs INT-60?
Don't worry about the Line Magnetic current capability, I had the 518ia powering my Rockport Avior's which drop to 1.73 ohms in the bass section (just like wilsons)  and the 518ia is amazing with the 845 tubes.  effortless.  I have never owned a P... 
Lightning quick DYNAMIC amp in the under $1000 range
PS Audio Sprout 100 is a bargain, and you can stream Bluetooth to it and bypass preamp/dac etc. MM phono stage, Optical digital input to cut the ground, and even can be run preamp out.  $599 and you can return it for free if it doesn't work with y... 
Best way to spike a large tower ( 100 lbs +)
I have found Sound Anchors ConeCoasters work great and I could even push my 600 lb Wilson Maxx on my travertine floor.  
Any “value” competitor streamers vs Bluesound Node 2i?
Darko has a youtube review comparing bluesound, Auralic Aeries, Innous and bunch others.  He updates this list  
Any “value” competitor streamers vs Bluesound Node 2i?
Bluesound interface is second to Roon, it's really really good.  Shunyata makes an upgraded power cord for the bluesound that's affordable.  Yeah sadly you have to go $1500+ for the next level 
PS Audio M700's with which preamp?
Remember that Class D digital amps require a prolonged break in.  Expect 200-300hrs on those amps before they start to open up.  You haven't mentioned what cabling you are using?  Honestly positioning your speakers could also change everything.  
Help - I've Got the Dreaded Transformer Growl....
Based on the DC stuff not working, I am not sure my Transparent Reference Powersisolator MM Power conditioner will work.  So if you can borrow one great but it's a lot of money.  Mine is the older series and I didn't find the equivalent on Transpa... 
Innous Zenith MKII and Roon DSP
Why aren't your running the Zenith direct USB (roon endpoint) into the NAD? and then have your Nuc Roon server feeding it.  That should sound better than feeding the Mytek and then analog cables into the Nad 
Can 75 Ohm digital RCA cables be used as regular interconnects?
i wouldn’t recommend it, as standard interconnects are 50 ohms 
My JL Audio sub is dead. What exactly happened?
Yeah my F113 died after 2 years or very very limited use, they required the amp be sent back in the original box and it was expensive. Glad to see they aren't charging as much but disappointed to see why they are failing.   My Wilson sub with inte... 
Bluesound Node 2i & Ayre Codex - How would this work?
The internal Bluesound dac doesn’t likecomplex things when I ran it direct into my tube amp.   I was using a theta gen viii rev3 dac preamp $13.5k.  It’s really excellent and has a jitter jail in it to clean up the Bluesound coax output.   
Bluesound Node 2i & Ayre Codex - How would this work?
I own the bluesound vault 2 and borrowed  Zen Mini. the Zen mini was definitely way more musical.  Total lack of digital hash it's amazing and I will upgrade to one of the larger Zenith later this year.  Spend the money it's totally worth it.  The... 
Phono preamp make crackling noise
is the turntable grounded to the phonostage? and have you also tried adding a ground from phonostage to the preamp via a screw on the chassis if it doesn't have a grounding post.  Most likely a grounding issue. 
Need advice for a beginner.
Mcintosh C2600 preamp has an integrated DAC that my friend is using. upgrading the tubes via Kevin at Upscale audio added even more clarity