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Devialet Silver Phantom
Visit devialet chat website and you'll be able to converse many owners of Devialet gear including the Phantoms 
Theta Prometheus Monoblock vs Bryston 7BSST2
Not that it makes much difference to this discussion but the Bryston 14B amp is not 2 x 7B in one chassis. They differ in capacitance as the 14B has 108,000MFD per channel and each 7B has 160,000MFD so the 7B amps offer 48% more capacitance in eac... 
Bryston bp-20 vs bp-25
I'm not sure that sonically there is a whole lot of difference. I was always under the impression that the largest difference between the two was that the 25 had a remote, a simple one mind you, and the 20 didn't. 
Gabriel Gold IC's are they really this good?
Sutts - when one wants what they feel is the cutting edge of something at that time it can end up costing quite a bit to have it. I think our first family Sony beta-max was in the vicinity of $1800($CDN) in the 80's - ouch. $1800 today is a lot of... 
Audio Sensibility vs. Signal Cable speaker cable
I have always found that "boutique" type cable vendors offer the biggest bang for the buck and that's why Signal Cable and Audio Sensibility have a devout following. I know there are better and more expensive cables out there and everything is sys... 
Kanye West - Grammy comment, re Beck
However talented or artistic Kanye is, not my cup of tea, has he not won 20 plus Grammys? How can he accept those awards if he has an issue with how the process works? At least we know he has an issue with Beck winning and I believe more of an iss... 
Silver cables or copper?Any opinons.
You are going to have to provide a little more info if you want any serious suggestions....Maybe list your system to start, then budget and where you think your first cable change might happen 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
Yping - you are incorrect...."Ric" is the owner/operator of Tweakaudio/EVS, www.tweakaudio.com - he primarily designs/mods equipment and also makes cables."Rick" is High Fidelity cables, the cables under discussion in this thread 
Audio Research LS26 vrs REF 3
I've owned both with the LS-26 being the first ARC preamp I ever purchased. The Ref 3 is a worthy upgrade, especially at the cost differential if buying used. It dug out details the 26 couldn't reproduce. I did email a reviewer a few years back wh... 
ARC ref 3,5 OR Lamm LL2.1 for my ml2.1
I think you'd be very happy with a Lamm preamp. I auditioned a LL2 Deluxe a number of years ago and really enjoyed it. It bested (based on my poor aural memory) a Hovland HP-100, Rogue 99 Magnum and Audio Horizon preamps. Bitten by the Lamm bug I ... 
Escalante Fremont II
was the Escalante outfit not an offshoot from the original Talon Audio out of Utah? If so Rives Audio took over Talon so you might want to contact them. If I'm wrong about the Escalante/Talon link then I apologize in advance... 
Marantz CD6005,SA8004 or Oppo 105?
If playing higher resolution files via front load thumb drive is important to you the Marantz 6005 will not do higher resolution files via front load USB thumb drive. Brochure claims it will do 24/192 and we have tired numerous file formats of tha... 
DAC Impressions
another question from a I2S newbie. Is an HDMI cable the same thing? Could one connect an OPPO player with HDMI out to the I2S input on a DAC that accepts I2S by using an HDMI cable? 
modifications you have done to ARC REF 3
Hansk46 - would you expect that if one were to replace the ARC stock 6550 tube with your former smooth grey plate one could expect a similar end result? 
Bryston Loudspeakers?
"Mis-step" - I don't think so and here's why, IMHO. Axiom has been known as a manufacturer of "high value" speakers. While they can offer enclosures finished in higher end materials their market has been to offer a very good speaker finished in le...