Impulsive drive to buy the EverSolo dmp-A8 or should I wait ? That is the question.

I'm in the need for a streamer and with Tidal it's a must! But the man on my shoulder keeps saying WAIT! until the price goes down. with all the features this toy can do, I was shocked. tell me Audiogon family. do you think this is a wise move. I listen to Tidal through my computer and it is getting old. but at 2k I'm on the fence, I have seen great reviews about this unit, but I usually wait until all the bugs is worked out and purchase the second generation that may come with some improvements, I had a bad experience with a product from a manufacture that kept trying to fix their unit with software updates. that never worked, so it was off to the trash. has anyone purchased this unit? and if so any issues? I would like to know Thank you.


The A8 is the second generation with the A6 being the first.  They use the exact same software package which has now had seven months of firmware and control app updates.  Nothing really left to wait on hardware wise and the software tweaking will continue just like you would hope it would. Also wouldn't wait around on a price reduction as an increase is more likely just like the rest of the streamer companies. 

My understanding is that the Eversolo is one of the very few, if not the only, streamer that allows you to play Apple music. Since you don’t need it, yiu stream from Tidal, I would go with a used Lumin U2 Mini. There’s just too much hype around the Eversolo at the moment. And I don’t believe in hype. Lumin is a solid streamer that’s been around for a while. Just my take on it.

I have owned all 3 eversolo models and there software integrations is very good with no bugs i came across. Very easy to use and can do everything. CD rips, and natively streams everything. Sound quality is superb, Night  and day different from the A6 versions.I liked it better than the Hi Fi Rose 130 I sold. 

I have the master edition A6 but going to exchange it for the A8. I hear the dac in the A8 is outstanding. 

The A8 is next level for sure. I even had the LPS in my master, and the A8 was much better.

The Eversolo is talked about so much because it truly is an outstanding value. I recieved a DMP A6 as a christmas gift and cannot beleive the SQ from the base edition,in fact I am considering upgrading to the A8 because I am so impressed with the A6.The software is top notch, it offers more than most in terms of streaming apps,you can rip CD’s to the Eversolo(s),add up to 4TB storage for low cost and it can be connected wirelessly (I need this capability). As far as bugs are concerned my A6 has been operating flawlessly since I plugged it in. Not throwing any rocks...The expensive streamer market is in for a shock. The Eversolo streamers are serious players and will only improve in model offering and via updates. Do I believe the Lumins and Aurenders are better than the A8 regarding SQ, in the upper tier models yes however...the Eversolo offerings from my perspective is filling a gap for those that don’t have or want to spend 5K plus on a quality streaming device or have systems that would not benefit from a high end/cost streamer.

Us Mid Fi folk deserve a little love too!