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Reynaud Bliss Jubile vs Cantabile Jubile
That seating distance should certainly work as it’s just a little under what using Jim Smith’s formula would get you and the 8’ will also be fine and depending on your room a little closer could turn out better or worse. The current equipment cert... 
Reynaud Bliss Jubile vs Cantabile Jubile
@jc51373 I wouldn't characterize the AMT tweeters in the models above the Cantabile as bright per se like I would the Be tweeters.  They are very extended but without the hint of natural warmth the silk domes impart. This just requires careful ma... 
Reynaud Bliss Jubile vs Cantabile Jubile
Based on my experiences with six pairs of Reynaud speakers, currently Bliss Jubilee and Abscisse Jubilee, Reynaud's don't do "chubbier" bass at any level. They will do more with the Abscisse, Voce Grande and the two Orfeo versions but it it still ... 
Revelation audio labs
I ordered two Supratek umbilical cables from Brad roughly two years apart.  Both cables were delivered to me inside of ten days.  Never a problem with delivery or communication in my dealings with Brad.   
Warm, yet detailed tube preamp
Supratek Cabernet 6SN7  
A power distributor / conditioner standing upright (like Shunyata Everest)
@koenvingerhoets   I stood mine on the face with the connections on the top. It was behind the rack out of sight.   
A power distributor / conditioner standing upright (like Shunyata Everest)
You can easily stand the Puritan PSM 156 on it's face.  They even make a stand to do it with but I haven't found it necessary on a level floor.   
The Rhumba 1.4 is $5000 so under the OP's budget. I expect it is upgradeable in the future if needed or wanted.    
Supratek Owners Thread
@tubes4good  My Cabernet from the same time frame shipped with Tung Sol's but I have also used JJ's and hear no difference between them or with the NOS Russian ones that shipped with my Chardonnay in 2019.  So my advice is just pick one of the ne... 
Anyone hear the Van Alstine CA1 Control Amplifier or NP1 amp demoed?
@norust  From reading that thread on AC it appears Frank's not interested in making or selling the amp model you were actually interested in anymore.  If that's the case they should just take it off of the website.     
From Rossini Apex to ????
Aqua Formula.xhd.  
Suggestions for power amps
As a Carrera Be owner, from your list I would go for the Pass XA-25 with the Wytech Jade tube preamplifier.  Should give you all the power you need along a much for life like presentation than the LSA.  I've tried the Carrera's with a couple of di... 
$100-200 linear power supply
If you don't buy the size LPS that is specified by the amp maker you are wasting money.  In your case that's 24 volts and 4.5 amps.  Only one of the three you linked met that standard.   
Streamer and DDC (I need AES/SpDif output)
@greg_f    Yes Auralic competes with the others on your list and in some respects beats them.  I am now on my fifth Aries unit a G2.2,  If you have the right streamer with the correct output no need for a DDC along with the extra digital cable a... 
Streamer and DDC (I need AES/SpDif output)
All of the Auralic Aries G series and Lumin U series streamers have AES/EBU outputs so no DDC needed.  The on sale Aries G1.1 is your best bargain.