IcePower1200AS: Who has heard or has them, with what system components? Do you love them?

I love my EVS 1200, but it is anything but stock modules in a box. It's highly tweaked out by the mad genius, Ric Schultz, who modifys various class D amps. Prior to the EVS1200 I had PS Audio M700s, which I thought were very good and can be had for ~ 2K now, but I sold them because I wanted/needed more power for my 20 x 40 x 12 room and Ric's EVS1200 provided double the power at near the same price.

It was a bit of a risk in that I had never heard one, but he offered a 30 day money back trial. Well, it took my Emerald Physics KCIIs to a musical level that let me know I was keeping it. I was hoping to incorporate my 2 SVS powered subs (Ultra and Plus) with the KCIIs, but could not get them to integrate, and the room is too big for the KCIIs alone on power music.

About 3 weeks ago I replaced them with EP 3.4s, which is more than double the MSRP, and worth every hard earned dollar difference. 2 days ago I put on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon. I have listened to this disc with the following recent class D amps from W4S, Emerald Physics 100.2SEs, Audio Alchemy DPA-1, and the PSA M700s, but none of them through 3.4s, so while this is far from apples to apples, it does point to how great the EVS 1200 is, cause the music NEVER sounded as real and three dimensional as it does now, but, ~ 20% of the music I listen to needs more base , but the subs I think I needs cost $5K+. The great news is I have a pair of EP 2.8s coming soon. In addition to having the same 12" carbon fiber woofers with concentric polyester tweeter as the 3.4s, BUT, adds 2 @15" carbon fiber woofers in a de'apolito layout. These have been a long time coming. I'm pretty sure they will be my last pair of speakers

So what's your experience with IcePower based 1220 AS amps?
The stock 1200AS stereo module is reviewed by Jerry at 10 is what an IceEdge amps sounds like with junk AC inlet, stock fuses, and junk AC wire:

As you know......the $2200 dual mono amp you have of mine (only 12 in existence) another whole league beyond a stock stereo module.

PS audio is taking the stock IceEdge 1200AS module and putting a tube in front of it. These amps are getting very good reviews.....$6000 the pair:

The IceEdge module is limited by its input stages (op amps built into the IceEdge chip, that cannot be bypassed) and its output coils...which are ferrite core. All class D amps until now....that is, every class D amp that anyone has heard....has ferrite core coils on the output. You would never use a ferrite core coil in the xover on the midrange or tweeter of your speaker (everyone knows that would wreck the sound). So why would you want to put the entire audio signal through a ferrite core inductor as the last part before the signal goes out on a class D amp? You certainly would not for sound reasons. I am now modding the Purifi and possibly the Ncore 1200 Class D modules and I am using air core inductors on the output.....this is a major breakthrough in class D sound. Please read more about it here:

I can't speak to ever ICEpower amp as I've only lived with the 250 ASP which predate ICEedge.

In my case they had no obvious flaws except to have an overly warm presentation, exactly like the Parasound A23s I was comparing them to.  Blindfolded I could not tell those two amps apart with my Focal Profiles at the time.

With my current custom speakers, I did replace the ICEpower with Luxman, but again, I heard nothing wrong, Luxman was just better than both Parasound and the ICEpower. 
You should definitely give them a chance, the current versions may be just what you are looking for.

Thanks Ric

Ferrite coils and a non upgradeable opamp may be poor mfg choices, but what Ric has done to the EVS 1200 has minimized their affect to a point where I would need to hear what Ric comes up with next (side by side) to determine for myself how much of a negative impact these 2 components have, through my highly revealing system

When I had my maggie 3.5Rs I tried a Parasound A23 on the ribbons, then on the bass panels. I found it dark, a tad syrupy, and a room heater

Right?  What was so surprising to me is that the ICEpower series sounded the same.  Totally different technology, designed and executed thousands of miiles apart but in my environment so very similar.


When you state the IcePower series sounded the same, which ones are you referring to?
Yesterday's technology.  Purifi is where it's at right now, with GaN already waiting in the wings for tomorrow.
Example of Moore's law?

Have you heard the EVS1200? It’s not in the same league as the Mivera, which is nothing more than a module in a box.

Underwood HiFi as been promoting their Gan called Voyager for over a year, but it’s still not available. MSRP is now $3500, meaning in real dollars, it would need to sound ~ 1/3 better than my EVS1200. I have serious doubts

A few other companies are working on a GaN amp, but they may cost even more than the Voyager

My EVS 1200 has been on the sidelines ever since getting my LSA Voyager GaN amp. Ive been interested in replacing my vertical audio rack, and came across a 2' x 5' x 2" solid maple table top!, so I broke the system down 2 days ago. The room looks much wider now, and it is 19' wide. Alas, in the process the Voyager slipped off a chair and the top, which was resting on it, but not screwed down, nose dived into the right channel amp. While there was no observable damage, when I turned it on 4th of July sparks galore. Major bummer as I was most curious to hear how much of an effect getting the height out from between the speakers would have as well as replacing the individual shelving would have vs the solid maple table top.

System now up and running just minutes ago with the EVS 1200. It will take a few days for everything to settle in before I can evaluate how much better the 1200 sounds now, as since its been sidelined, I replaced all the cables as well as now have a Audiolab 6000CDT replaced my Marantz HD CD-1 used as a transport

Not even 24 hours since firing my system back up, it is sounding way better then I recall from the last time the EVS was center stage, and I bragged about it back then. No doubt better cables and the solid maple table top has helped bring out the best in the 1200. This morning Im playing Chet Atkins and Mark Knoffler Neck and Neck, tube-like effortlessness! Too bad Ric doesn't make it anymore as it is ~ 60% the price of PS Audios M1200s, (MSRP $6598) which lack Rics magical pixie dust

So, tweak1, are you saying the 1200 is allowing you to not miss the GAN 350 ? You have stated many times, there is no comparison....that the LSA GAN is far superior in every way. I am currently shopping for a Class D that I can happily live with. My best always, MrD.


I think getting all my kit off of the solid steel vertical rack paid much bigger dividends then I ever could have imagined (click on my UN to see pic), though I thought it would be a good improvement, but what Im hearing now is absolutely jaw dropping (when the recordings are good)

There is no way to listen to how much better the V is, since it’s down for a while, but under the same conditions as the 1200 when I first got it, I can only assume. That said, M Fremer bought the PS Audio M1200s which has the identical AS1200 modules as the 1200, but with a tube ipout.

1200s are rarely available (I think Ric only built 12-14). I know you won’t go wrong with a V. A local file came to my house when the 1200 was first in the system and was amazed, but when I told him about the V he rushed out and got one, and to this day is in love with it. YMMV

FYI LSA’s Warp One class D has gotten several recent excellent reviews


WOW  Underwood HiFi has introduced the LSA 600.2SE AS1200 with tube input

Shipped for $1999- take that PS Audio


@tweak1...I tried a Warp One ( purchased new from Underwood ), and I was quite disappointed with it. A buddy of mine purchased one, and he loves it. 

When I first got my EVS 1200 I was using Series 8 WireWorld interconnects, speaker cables and Pangea Premier XL 1.5m coax cable. As you mentioned, I was extremely happy with the amp (compared to PS Audio M700s). Eventually I came across the Chinese Cable knockoff thread and first tried the fau-Nordost Odin 1.5m coax which was/is amazing: as they were so cheap compared to the $169 1.5m Pangea, I also bought a 1.0M Odin, but didn’t try it until after I replaced both the WW cables with Odin 2 XLRs and cables. Then I replaced the 1.5m with the 1.0 and was kinda blown away that 0.5m of the same coax could be THAT much better.

While my all SS system sounded very good, it was a bit too sharp, so I ordered Odin Gold speaker cables (at ~ $170/2.5m). Unfortunately one leg must of had a bad solder joint as it barely sent the music . It took a couple months before they replaced it, which I finally installed 2 days ago: BAM. Even immediately, but of course it needs break in time. The weather here (Ft Lauderdale) has been really bad, I have only left for short quick trips. Today we are under a tornado watch, so won't leave, but as soon as I can get out for a few hours I will put on my XLO burn-in disc, which I use on everything I insert, including the M 700s, EVS, and Voyager which expedites break in, which still takes a good 50-100-200 hours!

Summing this up: cables can/do make or break a system. If I had these cables when I first got the EVS, I probably would never have gotten the Voyager, which of course I am itching to compare again, but could still be awhile