Hudson HI FI UV stylus cleaner

Hi All - just wondering if anyone has had experience - good/bad/indifferent with this product that they are willing to share? Thanks

I would trust reviews here vs Amazon. Seems to be serious audiophiles here..... Thanks all


It vibrates the cantilever. Yes playing a record does as well but I wouldn't use it YMMV

Magic Eraser. Drop and lift a few times before each side. Use alcohol on eraser for deep clean. Never drag over stylus.

I use the one Music Direct sells at the end of the playing session only when everything is off. The owner’s manual of the TT recommends the use. For each side I use supplied stylus brush and Last. I tried the others this is where I settled. I have other Hudson HI FI setup stuff and think it’s all good.


Never tried this but I use their gel stylus cleaner and other products which are excellent.

It's neither ultrasonic (vibrates ~100Hz) nor ultraviolet (just a purple LED that emits no UV). However, it does clean the stylus, although imperfectly.

I gave up on it and use the Humminguru S-Duo instead, which is a real U/S cleaner combined with a stylus gauge. Either way, such devices are to be used infrequently, as all carry a risk of damaging the cantilever or, in the case of the S-Duo, getting water inside the cartridge. I still use a carbon fibre brush at the start of a listening session and turn to the S-Duo when a loupe shows the stylus needs it.

Yes the Hudson device is effective.  Moreso than other mechanical removal devices that I have tried such as the Ortofon brush, the Onzow gel, Magic Eraser and so forth.  I use a high quality stereo-optic microscope to examine stylus and cantilever to ascertain results.  It is a Wild-Heerbrugg M5.  On the other hand, a chemical cleaner such as the Last product is even better.