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Dimond Cantilevers And Tip Mass
The new owner of the London Decca name has told me he hopes to restart production of the Reference and to offer a new version. He had suggested they would be available in August of this year. It is cheating, in a way, to include Deccas in this di... 
Break in for a retip?
My experience with re-tips is that they do not need any break-in, and sound as good as they ever will on the first play. If a cartridge has been rebuilt, though, I would expect it to need the suspension breaking in.  
Anyone adjust cart set up due to ambient temperature changes?
@macg19 yes, it worked and I got an e-mail notifying me.  
SME service is terrible. Can’t buy any accessories from local dealers here in USA
This thread has re-appeared due to the post above this (which has been removed). I'll add that Analogue Seduction sells SME parts, including oil, damping fluid and the HTA key, or an e-mail to Elaine Wratten at SME ( will also get... 
Anyone adjust cart set up due to ambient temperature changes?
Interesting! By 'dragging' you mean the rear of the cartridge touches the surface of the LP? I have a grandfather clock made in 1759, and it was not fitted with Harrison's new-fangled gridiron pendulum (1726), so I have to adjust it as in the hea... 
Discuss The Viv Lab Rigid Arm
That " vitriol " you posted is not vitriol but and opinion against your several times " insult " to LÖFgreen that obviously for you and dogberry is just ok and not for me. Re-read my post about. Raul, this is a bit unhinged. Are you suggesting ... 
Discuss The Viv Lab Rigid Arm
Lew, I meant that with the bearings being aligned as they are, any up and down motion will involve not just moving the bearing that allows vertical movement, it will also mean moving the horizontal bearing. So moving both ball races instead of one... 
Discuss The Viv Lab Rigid Arm
I'm half regretting waking up this thread, especially as some find it hard to be civil. The fact is that I have not yet seen someone who has owned an underhung arm say anything bad about them. Those who do own one, seem to be unanimous in their p... 
Thinking About Selling and Replacing My Pop/Rock Vinyl Collection
50+ years ago I started to buy music, and as a kind of distinction from my brother I chose to buy it on cassette. Well, we all make mistakes! Much of it was bought over again on vinyl, then on CD, then again as SACD, and now I'm back to vinyl as ... 
Discuss The Viv Lab Rigid Arm
I guess the questionable part is whether the bearings being aligned with an offset headshell is going to make the rest of the experiment invalid?  
Discuss The Viv Lab Rigid Arm
Oh well, I'll have to entertain myself some other way!  
Discuss The Viv Lab Rigid Arm
I’m considering an experiment. The double-podded standalone tonearms have served their purpose in cartridge comparisons and are currently unused. It would take the drilling of just one extra hole in an SME 309-type headshell to mount a cartridge w... 
Find the Problem
This problem isn’t present with my digital sources (Pioneer Universal player, television, even Apple TV playing old compressed iTunes files) . Do you mean you don't have the issue on your main system, or that digital sources in the basement are... 
I've never experienced mistracking with either the Jubilee or the Reference!  
Would changing to a MC solve my problem?
I think lewm was referring to the V10.