A new entrant in the ultrasonic cleaner race

I took delivery of my new KLAUDiO Ultrasonic Record Cleaner this week. I've owned VPI's units over the years and have been very happy with them. Looking for something a little more convenient I started looking at ultrasonic units. Other than home grown units it came down to Audiodesk and the new kid on the block KLAUDiO. I'm a first mover at heart so I decided to give the KLAUDiO unit a try. It's priced similar to the Audiodesk but looks a hell of a lot better. Beyond the looks the specs looked impressive. 200watts of transducers positioned parallel to the record. Fully auto with easily adjusted cleaning and drying cycles. My first impression when it landed in my office via UPS was wow, it's heavy. I think it weighed in around 45 lbs boxed. Unboxed its still impressively heavy.

Initial impressions very positive. I took the oldest and dirtiest record I could find and ran it through on the longest cycle. Visually it really cleaned up.
Sonically, what can I say. WOW.

So far this weekend I've cycled 10 records through it all with great results even some really marginal stuff a friend was tossing out.

I'm running distiller water right now. May try lab grade water on the next cycle. Not doing any pre treatment right now but may give it a try. Manual says just water, no additives or cleaners so in this respect its different than the Audiodesk which has its own proprietary cleaner.

No brushes making contact with record. 100 percent Ultrasonic.
A lot quieter than my VPI. !

The unit is beautifully made. It comes with a cover to keep dust out. The cover is white with a blue logo. Black with a blue logo would be a bit more discrete since its sitting out of the way in my library.

What's great is I can drop a record in with a flip of a switch. No more planning around cleaning. 4-9 minutes and its done.

So far, impressed. A top quality record cleaner that's convenient and easy to use.

Very high quality of construction.