Great New Linda Ronstadt Live

If you’ve always wished that Linda had put out some live albums, your prayers have been partly answered. "Live In Hollywood" was recorded for an HBO special in April 1980. Linda and the band are in peak form. The recording is excellent for a 1980 live show. She does a few ballads but mostly rocks out on familiar songs. This release shows what an incredible vocalist she was. My only problem with it is that it only includes 12 out of 20 songs she performed that night. Maybe we can hope for a Deluxe Edition.
A link would be nice. Translucent red vinyl? Mastered by Bernie Grundman. On top of her awesome chops she seems to have a good ear for recordings, or at least likes to work with those who do. Her 3 albums with Nelson Riddle, recorded by George Massenberg and mastered at The Mastering Lab by Doug Sax are a treat.
A taste of what's on the new album
It looks like this release almost didn’t happen. From Rolling Stone:

The album owes its release to serendipitous circumstances, according to producer John Boylan. Although HBO, Ronstadt and her record label, Warner Bros., were initially unable to locate the master tapes, Boylan ultimately tracked them down because of a conversation he had with a Warner Bros. audio engineer at their sons’ hockey practice. “I have no way of calculating the odds of finding the lost tapes through a chance encounter at a hockey practice, but they must be astronomical — like winning the lottery,” Boylan writes in the LP’s liner notes. “And in this case of remarkable serendipity, every Linda Ronstadt fan is a lottery winner.”

You'd think that Warner Bros. could have put out a memo asking their staff if anyone knew where the master tapes were, but I guess the music business has its own way of doing things.
I'm listening now on Tidal.  I'm just getting over a head cold and my ears are a little stuffed up along with everything else, but it sounds nice!
 @tomcy6 thanks for would I love to go vault surfing....

streaming this thru Tidal now...pretty good SQ, band and her vocal chops very much in fine do I love her and the songs she picks...

ordered the Vinyl, yes the red.....
I'd sure like to see a Blu-Ray release of this concert, with the newly found  mastering.
I just recently saw an interview with Linda Ronstadt. She stated that she has lost her voice and can not reach that beautiful voice that she once had. She is 72 now and she has Parkinson's. She said she lost her voice around 2000 and then figured out that it was the parkinson's that was taking her voice away. I came away from that interview very sad and the next day had to listen to her beautiful music. She seemed to be taking it in stride-looking at the good in life even though she has been afflicted. So SAD.
Picked this up yesterday after reading this post. I had forgotten what a fine voice she had. My only criticism is the use of drum synthesizers during the performance which was the hip new tech in 1980 I guess. In 2019, the sound is more annoying than innovative. However, Linda's performance is terrific. I particularly like the late great Warren Zevon song  "Poor Poor Pitiful Me" and "Your No Good".
Lucky for all of us that Linda’s albums are plentiful and are commonly available in the dust bins.  I have most of her records and listen often.  
Attended a circa 1980 performance at the University of Wyoming which was wonderful. Linda wearing cowgirl boots and a UW football jersey as a miniskirt.   And that voice.
This album is back in stock at amazon for $10.  That's a deal no one should pass up, unless you can't stand Linda Ronstadt.
$20 for the vinyl. This is a late Christmas present from Linda.  Don't pass it up.