Fyne Audio - New Speakers Displayed in Munich

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Funny, they look just like Tannoy....I understand some from Fyne are from Tannoy, but I mean kind of ripping off the brand, jmo.

I think this is the move they needed to make. People want the Tannoy look and sound but made by the OG people who used to make them and design them. 

got my attention. 

My F704’s sound fantastic! I upgraded the internal wire and crossover to parts of the same and higher quality as their F1 series. They sounded great before the upgrade and ever better with better wire, inductors, resistors and caps. Nicely built speakers as I looked all around inside the cab and at the drivers.   

It's easier to find information on Area 51 than to figure out where the Tannoy factory is located. Good for the Fyne guys for jumping off that ship.