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Lumin Streamers
The majority of Lumin products are streamers with internal dacs, so there is no need for an I2S connection. The best connection is no connection.  
Holo May KTE vs Meitner MA3
I’ve owned both now, the Meitner is superior in every sense. Of course, it costs more but the inclusion of volume control and streaming capabilities more than makes up for difference in price. That’s not to say the Holo is a slouch, it’s very good... 
Auralic Vega G2.1 vs Lumin T3
I’ve tried Auralic, Aurender, and Lumin over the years. They’re all very good, but I think that the Lumin players offer the best value. For some reason they have decided to exclude digital inputs from all of their streamer/dacs except the P1. The ... 
Is it still worth buying a Lumin x1 in 2023?
The X1 is absolutely still worth getting in 2023. So far ahead of it’s time when it first came out that it’s still kind of ahead of it’s time today.  
DAC Shootout Starts This Weekend
Just discovered this thread, easily the most intelligent and informed comparison of DACs I’ve read in a long time (maybe ever). Thank you @verdantaudio ! I currently am using a Lumin P1, and have owned a couple of other Lumin streamers in the pas... 
DAC Choices - $5,000 to $7,000
+1 on the Merason DAC 1. Simply fantastic at its $6k price point, an absolute no-brainer at a discounted used price.  
Ideon DAC's
The Ayazi is great, but it’s a dac only. You should seriously consider a Lumin too, prob a used T3. No inputs, but sounds fantastic.  
Most desirable vacuum tubes for SET amps
Interesting comment, maybe why so many like the sound of the Elrog 300B which feature the tungsten filament.  
Fyne Audio - New Speakers Displayed in Munich
Are they going to get sued by Tannoy?  
Setting up a Mac mini as a music server, and other digital music questions
A Mac mini is $699 and most of those servers are several thousands of dollars. A raspberry pi or volumio is probably a better comparison/alternative.  
Higher End DACs
+1 on the Lumin T2 & X1, they are literal giant killers. Totaldac’s are also excellent. 
Lumin X1 latest Review like we have been saying
Lumin needs to upgrade its L1 NAS up to Innuos level performance so that it can match the performance of the T2 and X1 players 
Lumin X1 or dCS Bartok
The best way I could describe the difference would be that the Lumin’s sounded more real and natural. Guitars, pianos, voices, etc... sounded more like they do in real life. As a result everything sounds less like a recording. I went in expecting ... 
Lumin X1 or dCS Bartok
Also, don’t agree that the X1 isn’t a good value because it runs a Sabre chip. There are DACs based on the 1704 chip which cost a few hundred dollars, while the Trinity DAC uses the same chip and costs $60,000. So much more to it than that. 
Lumin X1 or dCS Bartok
I’ve heard the X1 and Bartok in the same system, and they definitely have different sound characters. I preferred the X1 by a considerable margin, in fact I thought the Lumin T2 bested the Bartok (at less than 1/3 of the price). The Bartok is no s...