Aurender Conductor V4 and Qobuz phone app don't match

OK, so trying to figure out why the same playlists do not exist on both platforms? I have 11 playlists on my iPhone Qobuz app, but on my aurender I only have 7. I signed out of conductor and then signed back in but it changed nothing. Any suggestions as to why these don't match up? Do I need to delete the conductor app and reload it?

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Similar to what @tvad said, I would update the operating system on both devices.   Delete C4 from both devices, shut down both and reboot.  Then reinstall C4 on both devices and log in.  Make sure both are the same log in and PW.  If that does not work, then email Aurender.  Good luck.  

@12many  What do you mean from "both devices" as I don't have C4 on my phone, it's just the normal iPhone Qobuz app which has all my playlists on it. 

. @tvad I checked and conductor is fully updated, so I deleted C4 on the iPad and reinstalled it but it's the same, maybe I need to log out of Qobuz again and log back in. 

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I had similar problems with the Conductor app and could not find a solution and no help from Aurender. Final solution was to ditch the Aurender and buy an Antipodes to use Roon.

I had playlist issues but those were all resolved with an update about 2 months.  Power down the aurender device too restart it.  If still having issues, contact aurender.  

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Sorry to say I have had issues with the Conductor app as well. Things missing or when listening to an artist, the app goes back to asking about genres I might be wanting to listen to instead of staying with the artist I was just listening to.

Very annoying!

Same problem here as OP. Qobuz playlists do not show up in C4, although they do/did in C3. @12many How does one delete/reinstall C4 from/in Aurender?

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The Qobuz App lists all playlists under "My Playlists." The Auender Conductor app has two tabs: "My Playlists," (the ones you created) and "favorites."

It then adds "My weekly Q" to "My Playlistss," and I have no idea where (if anywhere) that is found on the Qobuz app.