Aurender Conductor App Experience

Ok please tell me I’m imagining this. 
Been listening most of the day to my new Aurender N20 vie the Conductor App and my new MSB DAC.  Sounds great. Smooth highs, nice midrange and impactful bass. Soundstage wonderful. Only area of concern is a slight hollow sound in the lower treble noticeable when listening to classical. Probably a burn in issue. Anyway late into the evening my 7 year old iPad runs out of battery power. So I quickly switch over to my new iPhone and connect with the Conductor App   Within a few seconds I notice everything sounds better. The hollow lower treble is gone. I start replaying my test tracks where I noticed this hollow sound. It’s gone. Am I imagining this. I wasn’t doing a test between iPad and iPhone so wasn’t expecting anything to change but it did. Could be that the grid got cleaner at that moment. Or one of the components reached burn in at that moment. I can’t believe nor understand how this is possible. Anyway so will be switching back and forth tomorrow to confirm this or that I have vivid imagination. A remote app or a different device should not have any impact on the sound. Right?


a person the other day posted about using solar rechargeable batteries in your remote to improve sound quality. 

Congratulations on those purchase. I would definitely attribute the hallow to burn in.  

The improvement with switch. No idea. I have two Aurender and occasionally used my iphone. Never noticed a difference. 

I guess you’ll get lots of opportunities to assess the anomaly over the coming weeks.

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1. Break in is at least 200hrs

2. Remote device or conductor app version has no bearing on sound

The streamer OS is responsible for processing of the incoming data stream and is the only thing that can impact the sound from firmware standpoint. The remote app is just a front end/UI. 

Everything good today with iPad. Also switched the Discrete DAC output impedance to low and it’s much better with my amp. Significantly better. 

Not sure about imagining things but perhaps back when I first got my Auralic Aries Mini I started out using the LDS app on my phone. A short while later got an Ipad Mini to use as a remote and I swear the sound improved. 😉

Well I checked today. It was my imagination. It was late.  I was tired. With audio the mind can play tricks 

@jfrmusic  local grid effects can definitely impact your audio. I live 2 blocks from an automated car wash.  I can definitely hear the improvement in audio quality after it shuts down at 7pm each night. Rainy days are also good!  My expensive conditioner doesn't eliminate it. Most conditioners do not.  Over the years I've read many threads on many forums regarding this topic including several on Audiogon.

Has anyone else had the problem of the updated conductor app crashing on iPhone? Can’t even load it after update to 4.11. Worked fine before