anybody compare Dynaudio Special 40's/Heritage Specials/Confidence 20's?

I've had the 40's and Heritage, sold the Heritage and kept the 40s.

Felt the Heritage were better in many respects but did not have the speed and energy of the 40s and were not as lively

would appreciate some opinions before I shell out for the 20s




Shell out for the "20s"? Evoke 20's?

I compared Evoke 10, 20, 30, and 40 vs. Fritz Carbon 7's and the Fritz beat all. 

Evoke...where did that come from?..he asked about the Confidence which is on a whole other level to those Fritz speakers

yes Confidence 20s

I have no doubt they are exceptional speakers, just concerned more around the "flavour''  and particularly if they can match the speed and energy of my 40s



Confidence, got it. He mentioned the Special 40's which are close in range (I think) to the Evoke series).

The 20s will need lots of power especially current like the HSs - I had the HSs and they only woke up powered by my Gryphon Diablo 300.

Dynaudio should up their recommended amp power ratings as every Dynaudio I've owned loved power, the more the better.

Just my 2 cents, your mileage may vary.

Check out “Studio incar” on YouTube.  He’s done many great Dynaudio speaker comparisons.  Top notch. 

All of the Dyn’s require a quality high current amp to open them up.

As far as the question, it seems like you prefer a ‘V’-curve sound. The 40’s have a (flavor) of a V-curve. All of the higher end, eg Contour and up, do not have the same crossover points and flavor that the 40 has. The heritage is almost monitor-like, which is very neutral. The same will go for the Confidence series. If you preferred the 40’s over the HS, then you will like the Confidence as it has a lot more oomph than the 40’s.

My 2c


I own a pair of Fritz carbon 7se speakers for about 2 years now. Strictly rock and roll. Using a ATI 6002 AMP, stream qobuz and CD's  They are so fast and accurate, and smooth to listen to. Very Happy, haven't heard the special 40's though. Good luck!

I am not sure that speakers with large crossovers can deliver the speed and energy you desire. Crossovers are subtractive...they don't add to the music. 

It's a good question, since they are all similar size and similar price range.

I was never impressed with the Special 40s sound and the Heritage's looks. For me the Special 40s at dealer rooms were too bright and with mediocre imaging. They may have not been placed well, being the reference, near the entrance.

I would choose the Confidence 20s, a no brainer for me. In fact, if I ever upgraded my speakers, and had 2K I would buy a pair used on audiomart.


I have seen several youtube reviews of 2, 3 or 4 of the Dynaudio 2 way line but honestly, I would just listen. 

@john1629 - agreed; I watched their videos several times before buying a pair of speakers; didn't end up going with Dynaudio, but good vids....

Main issue with upper range dynaudio is what you mentioned, they sound boxed in at low levels and with less powerful amps.

I own a pair of Fritz carbon 7se speakers for about 2 years now. Strictly rock and roll.

My experience was that jazz, smaller classical groups, EDM, were also great.

6k would be a pretty good-ish deal. 2k I’ll drive across the country and buy those sum beaches! 😜

Had the Contour 20s. Maybe not the right amplification but they weren’t my cuppa tea overall. 

I have had the S40, the contour 20i, and the confidence 20. They are all in a different category if you will. They are each  a great speaker, at the same time you can hear the difference when you level up. I am currently running the Confidence 30's, they will be my end game speaker. This was almost 3 levels up from the confidence 20. The big floor standers just have so much more to offer.