Any Nashville enthusiasts?

Moved here in June 2021, any locals or Audio clubs in the area drop me a line. Wanting to meet some fellow audio/music lovers here.  


Who is in charge of membership info for this group please?




I'm sending out an email today to some folks who I have been able to reach. Agon makes it almost impossible to reach out to one another. There is no intention of competing with the already established Nashville Audio Society, but they are on facecrack and since I don't do social media we're going rogue via email.


Tom, do you want in on this?

I'm willing to kick that off. I have a history of hosting 50 folks to all day home theater and stereo get-togethers back in MIchigan in the 2008-2012 years. We had a Michigan home theater group, HEMI. I don't have an HT these days but put all my Sheckles into the stereo now.

Anlover, I'm up the road in Gallatin.

I haven't seen any indications of an audio club here in the Nashville area and I am in Lebanon?

Hi, are there any meet up’s in or around Nashville?  I’ve been here since 2018 but have finally got my 2 channel system up and running again.  Would be great to meet folks with similar interests. 

Yessss. I’m in Franklin as well! Seems like many folks are here. Very engaging people here… like a good Mancave setup. 


A little late to the party, however, I am in the Franklin area and appreciate good jazz from all periods.




Welcome to Franklin! Colin is a great resource and you will have fun visiting him.  I have Hijiri speaker cables and love this cable line.  

My back issues prevent me from helping to haul your speakers 😬.  Most sorry. 
Love to meet at some point in the future. 

Keep an eye out for a guy named Jim Hoke. He is a well known session guy, but he does sit in with all kinds of bands. The guy is a multi-instrumental genius- horn player (who sat in with a swing band at Robert’s Western World to play Ellington), recorded with Paul McCartney and an almost endless list of other big names. He’s local and a killer player (taught himself pedal steel). Guarantee that whoever he is playing with is gonna be good. And say hello for me. (He’s buds with the Straightjackets guys too- who always crack me up).

I also need to check out the Sternklang cables at Colin's.

Please consider yourself invited. 615_838_7178

"Ha! I am here in Franklin, TN for another year still!"


Awesome. I am about done with my room. Who wants to help me heave my Alexia's up a flight of stairs?


I also need to check out the Sternklang cables at Colin's. I've been very busy with the new house and remodeling this room for audio.

My gear is not set up yet. Would enjoy listening sessions. Anyone skilled at setting up turntables? 

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I live in Franklin, TN and love to meet up. Colin above is a great guy and a very skilled listener.