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Review: Acoustat Model 2 Speaker
With a 1+1 pair I have successfully used a Mac 2100 with a Mac MX113 preamp in a smaller 10x17 room. The Mac’s transformers handled the demands of the Acoustat's very well, although I did not listen louder than 80-82 dB, at the most. The Hafler ma... 
Any Nashville enthusiasts?
Hello, A little late to the party, however, I am in the Franklin area and appreciate good jazz from all periods.    
Audio Research Owners Worried?
Just in case anyone missed this posting about Audio Research: Audio Research voluntarily agreed to assign its assets to a receiver, Lighthouse Management Group, Inc, on April 4th . We want you to understand what that means and how it affects our ... 
Alpha Core TQ2 hum?
Okay. It is interesting that the mids and highs seem to be accentuated more than other cables, which gives an impression of improved resolution of detail. As to the hum, I would hope there is way to solder a better ground path into the cable, with... 
Discovery Cable still in business?
 jl35 and jsbach1685, thank you for the information. I will follow up and see what I find.Have a great weekend.Pix4work 
The Audio Circuit website
oldhvymec,Thank you, I will check that site out. I was looking especially for info on Acoustats, and that site looked like it could be a great source; I wonder if it was mirrored somewhere? 
Member Almarg passed away last night
Al exuded wisdom, knowledge and understanding of his subject, patiently explaining it in a way which was never demeaning to those posting, and, he was and is the standard by which all of us should conduct ourselves. He will be missed by many of us... 
Do old Acoustats compete with new 'stats or dynamics
Thank you for your input!Tweak1, I share your thoughts about Maggies; I appreciate what they can do, and while I have listened to the newer 1.7i, it still does not tick enough of the audio boxes to keep me listening for hours. I have yet to hear t... 
Amp for Joseph RM-25si ?
soix, I am intrigued by your comments on Don Sach’s tube gear and will be checking it out. FWIW, the vintage HK tube gear was really ahead of it’s time and is worth following up on, as well, and thank you for mentioning it. 
Amp for Joseph RM-25si ?
Thank you rlb61 and soix for your responses to my post. Great cable, IC’s and attention to speaker setup can unleash the potential lying dormant in a system. I will be enjoying these changes for a while. 
Amp for Joseph RM-25si ?
Thank you to all who posted a response to my question(s). I have tried the AP Oval 12 and found it to be a well-engineered, cost effective and great performing speaker cable. Between cable changes and room placement/toe-in the Joseph's are soundin... 
Review: Acoustat Model 2 Speaker
If anyone needs to contact Roy Esposito, who used to work for Acoustat, the latest info I have seen is: acoustat.service.usa@gmail.com 
Little Rock, Arkansas - Any Audiophiles out there?
tbayles,Thank you for posting, and yes, the group is open to new members. The group’s leader, oldmandave, will be glad to fill you in with the details. Welcome to the group!pix4work 
Dahlquist DQ-20 Fan club Rant
I have read this thread with great interest. Are there any preferences for IC and speaker cable for the DQ-20's? Have SS and a tube amp to drive them. Any updates on the ScanSpeak tweeter replacements currently available? 
Little Rock, Arkansas - Any Audiophiles out there?
Dave,Waiting for your response...