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Any Nashville enthusiasts?
My gear is not set up yet. Would enjoy listening sessions. Anyone skilled at setting up turntables?   
Nashville TN
Hey, I’m just setting up my system too! Once I’m up and running, I’d be glad to host some audiophiles. My rig is Vinyl-centric. Message me on FB and make sure to mention this site. I don’t friend random folks.  
clearaudio champion w/ unify but what cartridge?
I had a Clearaudio Stradivari MC on my vintage Clearaudio Revolution Turntable. Sound is gorgeous. Synergy is a key. You will want an amp, a phono pre and wires to do it justice. But the champion is a worthy table! Have fun!  
What M/C for Clearaudio Satisfy Tonearm?
I had a Clearaudio revolution TT with a small tangential arm and a midrange Clearaudio cart. Lovely synergy. I encourage you to consider a Clearaudio cartridge in the $2k range— a great match for your satisfy arm. My favorite listening with that r... 
New Dedicated Line - Almost No improvement
Laynes, in my previous home, I had a 20 amp dedicated line for my 2.1 system amp and a 15 amp dedicated line for my front line equipment and surround amp. I used a Running springs audio power conditioner for the 2.1 amp. I recommend line condition... 
New user phono question. Comes with free story.
Justin572, You can slaughter the sound of standard digital music with vinyl, but for your budget, it would take careful choice of equipment. I am a music lover as well as an audiophile. We had a pioneer record player when i married over 40 years ... 
Turntable advice
I’m a BIG fan of clearaudio products. The concept Turntable can be factory ordered with the arm and cartridge of choice properly aligned! It’s basically plug and play! If you plan to “abuse” your cartridge by playing uncleaned records, you do not ...