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Recommendations for really well-recorded music for high-end audio system demo
Music1/Edgar Knecht/Good Morning Lilofee (24-96)/04 - Maria.flac Music1/Hans Theessink/Lifeline/Six Strings Down.flac Music1/Various Artists/HDtracks 2023 Hi-Res Sampler [192kHz · 24bit]/12 - String Quartet in G Major, Op  77, No  1, Hob III 81  ... 
Component contributions to “sound stage”
Without moving my speakers or changing any electronics, I experienced some serious WOW moments in the last 14 months by just cycling in cables. IC's primarily gave the biggest bang, somewhat followed by speaker cables. I had some nice tone improve... 
Any one measured the EMI/RFI attenuation performance of audiophile power conditioners?
My experience with a TriField device is at the wall I may measure 395 and on the output side of my Puritan 156, I measure approx 95. So it indicates a 4x reduction in "noise".  
The Music Room
What form of payment does TMR make when buying your gear?   I've bought from them numerous times, but never sold to them. I use a detailed spreadsheet to track all my purchases and sales for possible IRS audit some day.  
Do you trust your ears more than measurements?
Treated room measurement graph. Could not paste in above, sorry.    
Do you trust your ears more than measurements?
My room sounded decent when first built but measured like this:   After treating the room is produces this now. SOund better?  
Burn your power cables in PROPERLY with Haglabs Frycorder
My Frybaby does wonders. It can transform your sound after as little as 24 hours of burn-in. I will be ordering the unit for power cables soon. Too easy to use and so beneficial for such low investment.  
Zavfino and Neotech OCC Interconnect
Used cables and Hagerman burn in device folks.   Keast is who bought or sold the cable. wow  
Zavfino and Neotech OCC Interconnect
Here's an idea for a neutral cable at your price point:   Cardas Audio 1 meter Neutral Reference RCA... For Sale | Audiogon The Cardas can a little laid back but will be very quiet. I'll bet you could get a pair of the Cerious Matrix from Bob ... 
Zavfino and Neotech OCC Interconnect
Zavfino’s are just not that good.    Cerious is blowing out Matrix cables while they bring on the new Luminiscate line.  Grab a pair of those and try them for $500.    I went through all these cables in the last 14 months and now use Clarus, Cer... 
Help me pick some new or used speaker cables
I may have a pair of Clarus Aqua eight foot spades all around for sale in the next few days. Moving up the chain. I also have a pair of PAD tri-wire Venustas at 80ish inches, all spades. Both sets reasonably priced over there.....😉    
NEW Cerious Technologies Upgrade - Graphene Matrix Cables
Anyone know the difference between Ver 1 and Ver 2 Matrix cables, particularly the speaker cables?  
Clarus Crimson vs Clear Beyond.
Yes. System dependent for sure. I really like Cardas cables but over time they were just a little too veiled.  Not restrictive, but I wanted more clarity up top. I did not want sizzle and I got that with some WW Silver Eclipse.  Tried a Crimson an... 
Anyone with experience having cables made using Amorphous Metals/Alloys
What is attractive to engineers is finding technology being used to "solve" the cable dilemma. I used single ended, but could not find used XLR, cables 3 years ago and they added some serious soundstage and clarity to the sound. Vastly different s... 
loose IEC power cord connection?
C20 Contact Retention Insert for connecting a C20 into a C19 Black (cables.com)   IEC320 Male Over-Mold Contact Retention Inserts - Secure Sleeve Tab For Plugs (cables.com)