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Any experience with SVS 3000 Micro
If you're trying to squeeze every inch then, yeah the 3000Micro is a great little sub. However, if you have a little bit more room I agree with soix's recommendation of the SB1000pro. It'll best either of your choices. I had a pair of the 3000's ... 
Deal Alert
You can only buy them at that price if you walk into the store, otherwise it’s against their dealer agreement to sell and ship out.   https://www.goldenear.com/goldenear-dealers/buyer-be-aware    
Coda #8, Pass XA25, or Schiit Tyr to replace PS Audio M700
Of those options, I would opt for the Coda. I considered the CSiB that Jazzman7 posted about based on not finding a negative thing stated about it. It was a bit out of my budget at the time and the SoCal dealer ghosted me but if you have the chanc... 
Best subwoffer crossover with room correction
Room correction DSP or using the internal EQ won't do as much as placement will for bass (and all speakers). If you're well versed using REW you will need to place your subs in various spots then measure to find the best spot(s). Once you place th... 
Transparent reference 75 ohm digital cable
I have one and it's pretty thick with a taller RCA end but it's not to stiff you can't make right angle turns.   
All in One Solution for Streaming
How about   https://tmraudio.com/components/integrated-amplifiers/hifi-rose-rs520-all-in-one-network-steamer-amplifier/    
Should Speaker Manufactures provide a Frequency Response Graph?
@seanheis1  Thank you for making my point. The variables will be a lot and, again, that will change once that speaker is in my room. Therefore, if you want to post anechoic measurements or from your back yard I don't care. That's not going to tel... 
Should Speaker Manufactures provide a Frequency Response Graph?
I couldn't care less, simply because their measurements aren't in my room which is always vastly different. I also don't put much stock into the tech specs which tend to be off as well.  So if they or ASR wants to post frequency curves that's fin... 
Spendor D7.2 Pairing - First Watt F8
Boy that's going to be a big change in the speaker sound going from Zu to Spendor. I hope you've listened to those before you've bought or are buying  
A used pair of Fujitsu Ten Eclipse TD712 Z Bookshelf Speakers at TMR
@immatthewj  I'm no electrical guru either and yeah they sounded pretty darn good. They were in a great room so something fairly large (est 20x25x10) and I sat to listen to a couple demo pieces the client had and I was really impressed.  With th... 
Alternative to Sonos.
Sonos doesn't play well with mesh style wireless networks (think the little plug in repeaters). If you have an actual proper wireless system, the other issue I've found is channel interference. Changing the WiFi channel to one that's low traffic ... 
Omega Speaker Set up questions
Have you contacted Omega? The gentlemen I spoke with (Les I believe) was very cool to chat with. On a side note, when I had my full range speakers they sounded way better on the short wall (my room is 11x14x8) and the back of the speaker about 15... 
A used pair of Fujitsu Ten Eclipse TD712 Z Bookshelf Speakers at TMR
I had a customer with these a few years ago running off a AR VSi60 and they sounded fantastic! Down sides I agree with in your quote and I'd add they didn't do dynamics very well (think orchestral music, rock etc etc). Otherwise, if you're into me... 
Anthem Customer Service
(905) 564-1994 Amazing what a 5second google search will do  
Eversolo DMP -A8 Server,Dac, Streamer,Preamp - best bang for the Buck
I'll be getting one here soon to replace my modded Auralic Aries G1