'Anthem Room Software

I want to use/purchase anthem room correction software, but am unsure how to implement.  I have a stereo amp and preamp, both tubed.  Anthem sells the gear to test the room and generate a room correction file.  But what about hardware that will interface with my amp and preamp???
I looked into this recently with an Anthem dealer.  I think the answer is no.  I am considering getting a DIRAC product instead for that reason.
ARC only works with certain hardware you need to go to Anthem website to see what all works. I’m fairly sure it’s not going to work with tube amps and preamps.
ARC only works with Anthem and hardware made by their affiliated companies.  I cannot be applied to any hardware that does not inherently support it.

If your present amp and/or preamp does not already support/encompass a particular room/speaker correction system, it cannot run any of them.

DiracLive is a good alternative but, again, it can run on Dirac-equipped hardware or on a computer-based music player.  The latter can, of course, play through any preamp/amp.

You could also look at something like the DSpeaker anti mode 2.0 dual core unit that has everything including a display so no computer necessary.  I think it only corrects up to 500Hz or so, but that covers the biggest problem areas so may be all you need.  Best of luck. 
I have 2 Anthem AVRs in my two HT systems, and I’ve been so impressed by the Room Correction that now I would like to try some RC for my two channel system.  However I wish to keep my current DAC and amplification so I order the mini dsp /streamer yesterday.I am also going to add a REL sub to the system, even though my speakers (B&W 803D) are full range floor standers, because the biggest improvements in RC are bass management.  I’ll try just adding the sub for a few weeks before adding the minidsp.

Anthem ARC is very good. 

I use their preamp only and run multiple amplifiers to the speakers. 

My listening room has a wall of glass on one side and it is still able to get an almost flat curve. 


Works for two channel and home theater.