Amsued To Death - Roger Waters CD

I bought new CD from Ebay from above source.

It is a really good source of music to test the sound stage of your system.

In my two channel system, soundstage extend 8 ft beyond both right and left speakers.

It almost sound 3D with 2 channel system with thunderous bass.

It use Qsound effect.

I feel as if I  am inside the music.

This is a really classic.

Don't forget the whole side of Rog on When the Wind Blows. One of the most terrifying pieces ever recorded. (Soundtrack).
Tbh, I have no idea of the version of ATD I have as I ripped it to my Vault and the actual CD is now packed away in the loft.

So I gave it a whirl from my Vault library again and still can’t really get into it.

Guess if we were all the same life would be very boring.

For me I will take Hitchhiking and KAOS any day all day.

Just my opinion.
Even though it was their final before the split, I think it was one of their best, just as good to me as DSOTM.
Look for the earlier version ones, I have the CBS 25416 (third from the bottom) and it very good, some of the others may be better like the second from the top CK38243.

Cheers George

@stereo5 Come on! Final Cut was written by Waters. Wright didn't even play in it.
Final the Final cut is a Pink Floyd Album while Pros And Cons Of Hitchiking is a Waters solo album. 
I saw Hitchhiker and Final Cut performed live in London many years ago. Simply stunning. I prefer both of these over the other RW material. 

I bet it sounds fantastic on your speakers!

I do not have any problem with your comments.

Thanks for your kind word.
The 92 album release on vinyl, a double LP 33 RPM is the album I’ve paid the most for, close to $400 - it’s a show stopper at hifi
shows - the q sound really is quite astonishing.  Late Home Tonight Part 1 with the explosion at the end is extremely impressive in demonstrating dynamic capabilities. What it’s horrifying message is, is another story all together.

Good Listening 

I have the Acoustic Sounds SACD of Amused To Death and also the DSD Hi Res download for the Sony HAP and I must say it is one of my finest sounding discs.  I would love to hear the Mastersound version of it.  The one on eBay sold for 200.00, too rich for my blood.  I believe the Sony SBM discs were going for 35.00 USD back  when they were selling new.
Yeah the Wish you were Here SBM,  is nowhere near as good as the Amused to Death SBM, like I said it's my go to for the ultimate sound quality cd. 

Cheers George
I have the Sony Mastersound "Wish You Were Here".  It is an excellent sounding CD.  However, I like the Acoustic Sounds SACD of WYWH much better.  BTW, the Sony SBM (Super Bit Mapping) was also referred to as Super Bullshit Marketing.
Amused to Death is my most go to album, for evaluating any equipment.
And I think it's the best thing that Roger Waters has done in my opinion, probably because of the version I have which is Sony's "Super Bit Mapping" one  CK-53196, it's so much better that the other 4 version I have.

It's amazing what kind of price this brings today.
I knew the Sony rep and he got me about a dozen of the Mastersound  SBM's that Sony made for free including "Wish You Were Here", buy far "Amused to Death" is the best.

Cheers George


I am sorry if you thought for any reason I was having an attack on your English ability, far, far from it.

My comments were sardonic in nature and sell deprecating and not even remotely aimed at yourself whatsoever!
Still not a fan of Amused to Death though.... lol!
n80,  + 1...…..  shkonk78, I apologize, I should have stated the same as N80, as I totally agree......Enjoy ! MrD.

I am frequently amazed how well many non-Americans speak English. I am often equally amazed how many Americans don't speak English very well and don't speak any other language at all.

You are doing just fine. Quite well in fact.
Amused to Death, since its release, has been used at shows and in stores, by many folks, when demonstrating systems. I like it musically, and technically, as, it has it all. I am a huge fan of Waters, P. Floyd ( since their beginning ) and always enjoy top name musicians appearing on works by the artist ( in this case, Jeff Beck ), who, since his beginning, I have been a fan. Clapton appears on Hitch Hiking, and is stellar in his playing ( again a fan since his beginning ). Enjoy ! MrD.
So funny to stumble onto this thread. I just purchased a pair of speakers a couple of weeks ago and ask a audio retailer friend to come over and help me set them up. He arrived with 4 CD's to use for set up. 2 were Stereophile test CD's, 1 was a Rebecca Pidgeon CD and the last was Roger Waters Amused to Death. He must have played the 1st track (with the barking dog) 20 times. We adjusted the toe-in until the barking dog was coming from a very distant (3 o'clock) from the listening position. I ripped the disk and added it to my collection and have since listened several times.  

As you may have noticed,  I am not a native speaker of English.

I came to USA at the age of 22 to attend graduate school in California.

There must be subtle nuance behind each word.

But as long as we can communicate with each other, if will be fine.

I agree with you in that we had better just enjoy music.
And I agree that not many people are going to share the same opinion when it comes down to personal views on music matter itself.

But I am English, it is our right to still think we rule the world!


Just enjoy the music!
I disagree with the comment that Amused to Death sounds disjointed. Compared to Hitch Hiking, there are more moments of " loud and soft ", but this is true Roger Waters. Which is better ? Apples and oranges. Beck and Clapton were left to do whatever they wanted, which shows genius in Waters. " Meddle " anyone ? Enjoy ! MrD. 
Just finished listening to the SACD version on my main rig. Breathtaking. 
In college we were hungry for a follow-up to The Wall. I bought The Final Cut on vinyl right when it came out and I liked it. I do not have it anymore but will give it a listen. It is my understanding that it was all Water's.

Did not care for anything from Floyd after that. All seemed lame to me...just my opinion.

Have not listened to any of Waters solo stuff but plan to now. Will give The Final Cut a 30 year re-listen too.
I went through a period where I was upset about Pink Floyd breaking up and did not care what Roger Waters was doing, so I missed this when it came out.  I was in Portland at Echo Audio and the owner Kurt used a vinyl copy to demo a $100K system they put together and it was amazing. 

The opening cut, the The Ballad of Bill Hubbard completely blew me away.  There is a dog barking near the beginning and I could have sworn that the sound was coming from behind me.  Jeff Beck's guitar playing on this cut is sublime.

I was afraid that system would ruin my enjoyment of my system and that I would go home and be terribly disappointed, but that same track sounded _almost_ as good on my system (thankfully).  Whatever they did with that Q Sound, it really worked on that album.
I like them all as well as all the Floyd, Wright and Gilmour stuff. Even The Final Cut dang it.
I will have to check it out. Have never heard it. However, in my small collection I have one other CD in Q Sound. It is Sting's The Soul Cages and SQ and soundstage are remarkable.
Not disagreeing on the SQ.
Just to me the whole album seems disjointed, it does not flow musically for me.
Just my opinion.....
I disagree, Amused To Death is Rogers best solo material.  The SACD version in Q Sound is totally amazing and there isn’t a stinkeroo on the entire disk. 
It maybe a good system test( I do not remember but will try it again), however it is far from his best work imho.

Try Hitchhiking or Radio K.A.O.S