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Audioquest Dragon ZERO vs Transparent Opus
@chauncey I would strongly recommend contacting Jay at  He has owned both the Audioquest Dragon and Transparent Opus speaker cables.  He's also owned the Wilson Alexia V and the D'Agostino gear you own and are thinking of owning... 
Nordost QKORE
I have a Qkore6 also.  I use a banana-USB ground wire run to a back up USB input on my Innuos server.  I also have a banana-ethernet ground cable run to my Qnet switch.  A banana-male XLR run to an unused digital input of my DAC....All with great ... 
I finally purchased a new Integrated Amp
Congratulations, great choice!  Looking forward to your thoughts on how it sounds in your system.  
Recommendations and thoughts for end game speakers and amps
What about Nordost on the used market?   
spend on the streamer or on the DAC ?
test 1-2-3  
New Tinnitus study and possible treatment (via Science Daily)
@hilde45Great news, sounds very promising.  Thanks for sharing. 
The Best Isolation/ Vibration Footers per component - what's your experience?
@richardhkI got the RevOpods specifically for my 2 REL subs. I couldn't find a footer with the screw size that would accommodate the thread of the REL. I wanted to use Nordost SortFut (I use them on my main speakers) but Nordost didn't have a sc... 
The Best Isolation/ Vibration Footers per component - what's your experience?
I use a combination of isolation for my system. Under server: Stillpoints Ultra 6's / amp: Critical Mass Black Diamond shelf & Center Stage footers (4) / Under speakers: Nordost SortFut / REL subs: Arya Audio RevOpods / Under conditioner, g... 
IsoAcoustics GAIA footers: impressions
I use 4 RevOPods under each of my 2 REL Carbon Limited subs. I had a hard time finding an adaptor screw thread size that would work with the REL's. RevOPods has a multitude of screw sizes and had the one I needed. BIG improvement over stock fee... 
Set-up with two subs and an integrated amp
rbach +1I have 2 REL subs and connect them via a 'speakon' high level input from my amps speaker terminals. I found this connection is by far the best way to connect a sub.   
Rack Isolation for Amps and Electronics
@b345tI use a combination of Nordost SortKones (TC), Stillpoints Ultra 6's and Critical Mass (Black Diamond shelf and Center Stage2 footers).  Stillpoints: The Ultra 6's are made like a Swiss watch and are very easy to use. I use 3 under my Innu... 
Videos of your System
@roxy54I understand what you are saying but the YouTube video channel I referenced has several videos that compare components or speakers against each other playing music on his system. I know it's almost impossible to hear the difference over co... 
Videos of your System
@jay73 Check out this long running thread on Audiogon OP has recently started a YouTube channel reviewing equipment on his system.  Here's a link t... 
Stillpoints Aperture or Synergistic UEF panels Which one?
I also have (4) 16" ASC tube traps in corners behind my speakers.  They work so well with the Apertures and control a different area of the frequency....I would never sell my ASC tube traps. 
Stillpoints Aperture or Synergistic UEF panels Which one?
@ozzy,I have a wall 2' behind the listening position and was having decay time problems at certain frequencies. I first tried large absorbing panels on the wall but it just killed the sound...they sucked all of the midrange and top end out of the...