Amazon Music - how does it compare???

I'm not really into streaming services, I mainly listen to ripped music, downloaded content or Internet radio stations

But lately I've been listening to Amazon Music i.e. the free stuff that comes with a Prime membership

I must admit it's definitely a big step up from Internet Radio :-)

Other than fidelity, one of the things that surprised me was the size of the image and the detail in the Venue acoustics, something that is not there with Internet Radio

But how does it compare to some of the other streaming service?

Is there any benefit to signing up for the premium Amazon Music (other than the additional content ) ?

Are there better sounding services out there?

Your input would be appreciated - Steve

@scott_w - I like to garner the opinion of others before committing funds

It's often a lot more effort to "Back Out" of things once signed up

My wording may not have reflected my real goal, but I was more interested in how Amazon compares to other streaming services from a sound quality perspective - it seems to be very good

I had the Amazon lossless service for a while. I thought it was comparable to Tidal and Quobuz, but at the time the user interface was way behind. That may have improved by now.


@ozzy62 - I'm using the BluOS interface that comes with the Node 2i. it has an Amazon menu item and shows graphics. Quite nice


@williewonka , I have been streaming Amazon HD for a bout a year now.
Having Prime as well my streaming is done on PCs ... One: Desktop PCs
> USB > Head Phone Amps (2) and DAC, Two: Laptop PC > USB > Streaming Integrated Amp. Consistent good results so far ... the files are 192 / 96 / 24, and 44 / 16.
With Prime Unlimited and HD are added on and will expire after Canceling each level.
NYA ( Neil Young Archives ) is a comparable streaming site ... still reasonably priced last time I looked.
You may be able to do a bit better moving up from the Node 2i but it should give a very good base.
Here is something that really gives me pause when considering investing a lot of time in Amazon. They provide very limited support for importing and exporting playlists. Most other platforms are pretty good. This is an app that can automate those tasks. Almost everything in Amazon is read only and no track feature.
Amazon doesn't transfer bit perfect out usb to the DAC (unless something has changed). That ticks me off.
How have you established that it does not? Is this a bug in the app?  What are you using as your process?
On my Mac if I choose Exclusive Mode on Amazon Music, the device mode is switching to match the track. This would appear to make the link incorrect at least for OSX.