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Kickstarter project
Fosi audio v3 monoblocks!  
Digital LP’s
Vinyl typically has a more dynamic range than its digital counterpart so I will buy it just for that even if there is a D in the chain. AAA is nice but pretty rare.  
Streamers under $1500
Another vote for the Wiim Pro (not sure you need the DAC in the plus version). I don't think you'd need more than this. Honestly.   
Need help with phono cartridge selection
I was bewildered why my MP-200 was sounding so thin and shrill, but as an experiment I put the 200 needle on my mp-150 cartridge and immediately the bass and dynamics were back. Not sure what's going on there, but my suspicion is that I bought the... 
Need help with phono cartridge selection
Anyone heard a Garrott Brothers p77i from Australia? They get Chakster's endorsement for the the best New cart value which has me intrigued.  
Need help with phono cartridge selection
I had a Nag 150 for years which I loved and with all the hype about the 200 I finally pulled the trigger since it was supposed to give me more of what I loved about the 150. However while the 200 was more detailed, it was too thin and lacked bass ... 
Vinyl rips - still worth it?
I like the idea of doing vinyl rips. I love my vinyl front end and also being able to play a vinyl master (usually more dynamic range than CD/streaming due to the digital loudness war) anytime, anywhere has benefit to me.  
Phono preamp, all suggestions welcome
+1 for Schiit gear. I have a Mani, Mani 2 and getting a Skoll for Christmas. My understanding is that there is a lot less noise on the Skoll compared to the Mani. The music comes from a blacker background. I'll try to post some impressions once I ... 
surface noise reduction
Check out the new Schiit Skoll phono pre amp. Someone did a comparison of the Mani 2 vs the Skoll and posted some vinyl rips over on the schiit section of and the skoll had significantly lower surface noise.  
Is a home theater even worth it or doable?
Check out the upcoming Nakamichi Dragon sound bar system with 2 subs and wireless surrounds. It is supposed to bridge the gap between sound bar and a separates system. Looks pretty cool!  
Subwoofer - thoughts on Rythmic F12
2 thumbs way up for the Rythmik servo subs!  
Tekton Double Impacts
Anyone have a chance to hear the Tekton Nebo yet? Looks like a cross between the Moab and the DI. Very intriguing.  The review that I could find called it a "super charged" DI, but the DI was already the most dynamic speaker I've ever heard! You t... 
MoFi controversy
If I wanted DSD, I would have bought the SACD for $100 less.  
Are modern receivers any better than older ones?
Depends on the specific models you are comparing I think. I would only get a new receiver if i was into home theater and needed dolby atmos, otherwise your money is better spent on music geared seperates for pure SQ.  
Tekton Design - New IRL Technology - Lifelike, Real, Immersive
Hi Eric, what is the status of IRL? Looking forward to more info about it. Thx