A different kind of (inexpensive) Audio accessory.

Just got a two pack of these.  Frankly, I am amazed at the quality given the low price.  Fantastic for illuminating the back of your audio rack when you need to move things around, or connect cables.  Great for setting up your tonearm and cartridge; among many other applications.  Frankly, I am amazed at the quality given the low price.   VERY BRIGHT!



Thanks for posting this @frogman. It certainly looks easier to work with than the model I’ve been using


I've always had a headlamp in my toolbox.   Surprised at the many uses.  My favourite was illuminating the roadway on the pre dawn walking of the Spanish Camino.  Hope to walk it again in 2023.  






Good idea.  The tool I rely on is a small mirror (and a flashlight or two).  The mirror is not perfect but it does often help when I can't get my head back there or when my eyes don't focus too close or too far away.  I can read stuff and light stuff up, although it is reversed.  

I’ve been using them for years. Leaves your hands free for whatever you’re doing.

Treat them cryogenically for an even brighter, whiter light. I know what I see.

oh man a headlamp is necessary in my job and def necessary to set up that hifi. . hella good suggestion.

fuzztone, these are not the ones that T-Mobile gave away last month.  These are of infinitely better quality,.

Great idea. My ac service guy has a light he clips to the bill of his cap to light his work. Brilliant idea!!!  Oops what a pun. 


Excellent suggestion.  I bought a similar product for reading in a low light environment and also use it like you do for audio purposes.


Appreciate you for posting this, I just got mine yesterday. It’s amazing, incredibly bright and easy to use.