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I have found out why new cables and tweaks actually work!
My car runs better after an oil change!!! However, I can’t find the oil drain on my audio system!!! I guess I’ll have to use that new reverse illumination flashlight to look for them. It’s in the toolbox with the left handed screwdriver!!! Happy h... 
Luxman Knockoffs or Counterfeits?
Buyer beware, I thought I found a deal on a pair of speakers from Japan. Did my due diligence. In the end it it turned out to be a scam. The sellers know this, send me your money and they are gone. Especially on a larger ticket item. Us laws don’t... 
A different kind of (inexpensive) Audio accessory.
Great idea. My ac service guy has a light he clips to the bill of his cap to light his work. Brilliant idea!!!  Oops what a pun.   
Used gear prices and the state of the hobby.
Greetings all. Haven’t commented in awhile. Busy with remodel of house and new other new toys. I too have noticed a significant rise in prices of goods listed here. My thoughts are that listers are trying to get the most out of whatever they have ... 
Questionable Tweak
Couldn’t resist. Don’t forget the stuffed animal on top of the speakers. Or, the batteries taped to the wires. I needed a good laugh today.  
Subwoofer for Raidho XT-1 sadly buried in a console built in?
Love the garbage can sub. I want one!!! Would be great on the patio. The top flapping up with the beat of the bass would be quite a gas!!!  
Beyonce releases first album in six years RENAISSANCE
Where is my umbrella? Bella, Bella, Bella. I think she should get together with Brittany for a “toxic” tour with special guest Madonna. Match Springsteen concert ticket prices of 10k+ each. Woke is me!!!  
Bookshelf speakers on a bookshelf (Sad)
Interesting comments here. I ran into the same problem when my wife hired a designer to advise us on our ongoing renovation project. Her first thoughts were to get rid of my hifi system!!!! Then said we didn’t need the 65” tv, next was the dogs cr... 
Something on top of a speaker=okay?
Dust is not a problem here. Under renovation in my house. I wondered why my speakers high freq sounded so much better. No more dusting for me!!!  
Something on top of a speaker=okay?
Batteries on the cables! I got it all wrong. I thought you put them on top of the speakers. Geesh , now I can get those car batteries off the speakers. My wife will be so pleased.   
Britney Spears
Can I say “toxic”!!!  
MoFi controversy
Amen to Larryi. Listen to frank sanatra recordings from 50’s to 60’s. Far better than todays redux.  
MoFi controversy
Sorry, I have to put in my 2c worth.    What’s the deal with the pricing, compared with the original mf pricing back in the 70’s and adjusted for todays prices, the $100 mark is about right. For those who moan and groan, don’t buy new. Buy pre own... 
Lessons of youth
My first system was an all in one zenith. Spent many a night listening to Santana, moody blues, and when I could my dads frank Sinatra lps. Loved that time.  I recently asked my son (now 20 and knows everything) if he wanted me to put together an... 
Cables recommendation
Look at morrow. They have a trade up program so you can move up if you wish. The also have sales on now with a substantial discount. They have great customer service also as well. I know some will disagree, and I recognize their opinions. My thoug...