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worst sounding great lps
What's wrong with "Trout Mask Replica"? Is it the sound quality or are you put off by the music? I've listened to it countless times on great systems and think its sound quality is fine. 
Monster Sigma Mythology - Need Answers
I think Monster isn't in the audiophile market anymore. I believe the M1000i is out of production. The rest of their stuff is barely mid-fi (if that) and is just product at various price points for the big box stores. 
Bedini BA-801 schematic?
I need a schematic, too. Can't trace a hum problem. I understand this is a common problem for the BA-801. 
Sweet spot in the AudioQuest line of cables
King Cobras were a big disappointment for me. I found them to be slow with a tubby indistinct bass. I found the Monster M1000i to be better if you like this sort of sound. Bottom line: try before you buy or sell 'em. 
Pass Labs Vfet amps
Why doesn't some semicondustor company resume production of these devices? If they were available I could see numerous hi-fi companies using them in their equipment. 
Need HDMI Cable Recommendations ?
Try the Apollo AV Lightning v2 HDMI. 5% silver content flat construction 1 meter $49.95. Equal to or better than cables from the the famous cable makers who charge an arm and a leg for their wares. Try it, it's a real eye and ear opener.  
Audioquest vs Acoustic Zen
The AQ (by AudioAdvisor) Black Mamba II may have similarities in construction to the King Cobra but it sounds 100% different. The Black Mamba is fast and lean with good imaging whereas the King Cobra was slow and ponderous with fat mushy bass. No ... 
NY Audio Show September 26th to September 28th
Give Andy Singer a break. I've talked with him a few times at these shows and he was always friendly and non-condescending knowing all the while that I was not a potential customer. 
NY Audio Show September 26th to September 28th
I don't see a list of exhibitors. At this late date, it is a bad sign. 
High Quality Digital Coax RCA to BNC Adaptors
Try Signalcable's rca to bnc for under $40. I have one and it's really, really good. Frank uses true 75ohm Canare connectors. I don't think you can do better. 
An observation about "Modern" classical music.
If you live in the NYC radio listening area WQXR2, a HD secondary station of WQXR broadcasts contemporary classical music 24/7. Of course, you can listen to it via their website as well. 
I had a similar experience with a Bedini amplifier that needed one channel entirely rebuilt. The work was done by an experienced technician who was known for his knowledge about Bedini amps and had fixed the unit before. Well, when I got the unit ... 
Player With A Killer Blu Ray Picture
Well, there is a difference between the Sony S790 and its cheaper models and that is the S790 has two HDMI outputs, does 4K upconversion and has a pair of rca audio outs! Whether this is important to you is a question only you can answer. For me, ... 
Player With A Killer Blu Ray Picture
Sony S790 now out of production has picture quality equal to the current Oppo models so said Sound and Vision magazine. You should be able to find one. Also does sacd. List price $250. I have one and think it's swell. 
Is Audioquest clean and fast?
My experience with the King Cobra was unlike the experience of Wolf_Garcia. I found the KC to be overly warm with bloated bass and slightly dulled treble. I compared it to the Monster M1000i and found it preferable. This isn't my type of sound. If...