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"Warm Sounding" Solid State Amplifiers
Bedini BA-801 is the most tube-like solid state amplifier that I have ever heard. 
Audio Research VT-100 repair
You live in Manhattan but Brooklyn is out of the way? You'd let a amateur who you don't know work on a $6000 amplifier? Maybe you should just ship it back to Audio Research or would that be too inconvenient? 
Van Morrison "Duets"
Duet albums are vehicles for stars on the downslide. Sinatra, Striesand and Bennett are good examples. These albums came late into their careers when they were no longer at the peak of their powers. Now we can add Van Morrison. 
Any monitors clearly better than Pulsars?
Harbeth C7ES3 and 30.1. 
Van Morrison "Duets"
Another "duets" album. Lame. Boring. Cashing in. Van, how could you! 
What's with the buyers these days??
I get inquiries asking if I can do better on the price. When I do give a lower price, they disappear. 
Anything wrong with PS Audio DirectStream DACs?
I would certainly think twice about buying this unit even if it had spectacular sound. It looks awfully complicated say compared to something like a Bricasti. This many units for sale on a product so new spells TROUBLE. My opinion. 
threshold amp
I think $900 was too much to pay. Unload it and go with something else, new or used. My opinion. 
Do Pangea PC's really outperform standard PC's
Yes, Pangea power cords are better, way better, than stock cords. I only have experience with the 14SE but in every application it has provided a substantial audible improvement. It was glaringly obvious when I used it with my 47Labs FM tuner. I's... 
Phasing out of Compact Disc
It's an import. The cd will be released in the USA on June 9, 2015. Cancel your order and get it on or after that date. I guarantee that it will be at a regular price. 
Anyone seen audiophile lisence plates passin' by?
The late Harvey (Dr.Gizmo) Rosenberg use to tool around in a big vintage Cadillac. Can't recall exactly what his license plate was but it did have the word tube on it. I saw him drive by once and I gave chase but couldn't catch up to him. 
Rolling Stones Tour 2015
John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) said the Stones should have hung it up after "Satisfaction". I wouldn't go that far. I think the Stones should have hung it up after "Exile On Main Street". I'm not a Stones hater by any means. The Stones were once an ex... 
Pangea AC14SE or Shunyata Venom S for tube preamp?
Just because the Shunyata Venom is more expensive, it doesn't mean it's better for you. Try. 
Whats the best HDMI cable?
Check out the Apollo AV Lightning v.2 HDMI cable. 5% silver content in a flat cable design. This cable made a real improvement over Pangea and some AQ cables. It compares favorably to the big expensive stuff. Price $49.95 for 1m. 
Parasound halo JC2 what a joke
This is not Parasound bashing but a $4500 preamp shouldn't have buttons that are glued on. Just saying.